Changing of the Presidents

I bet that headline got your attention! With all of the political buzz this week about government disharmony and the subtle overshadow that it has brought to the Affordable Health Care plans set to go live October 1st, I decided to push the envelope. But, in true HHV fashion, we are here to deliver an a-political sentiment and bring tidings of happiness and joy. 

Today we honor Newburgh Rotary Past-President Pete Sukeena. 

We crossed paths many times with Newburgh Rotary over the last year, even speaking at one of their weekly meetings on behalf of our fun little news site. We received a wonderful, warm welcome from the group and have been collaborating on community events ever since. Past President Pete Sukeena also spearheaded a major spring time event at the Mount in May of this year bringing a Taste of Greater Newburgh to the community among other endeavors. Pete is often seen networking and Newburgh Rotary was present at events like the Newburgh Illuminated Festival in June. Today we salute you, Pete, for all of your hard work and dedication to this community. 


The Newburgh Rotary Club celebrated their new fiscal year with a Member Awards Dinner at Schlesinger’s Steakhouse. This post-summer event of good-fellowship was precipitated by a change of officers at a regular meeting in July. The new president, Tom Becker, awarded a plaque to the immediate past president, Peter Sukeena, for his significant contributions and outstanding leadership of the Club during 2012-13. Peter thanked everyone for their committed support and honored Douglas Sturomski and Daniel Olson with Co-Rotarians of the Year awards in appreciation for the exceptional contributions they have made to the Rotary Club and the community over the past year, and longer. The 2013-14 officers are: Tom Becker, president; Lou Chappo, President Elect; Cathy McCarty, Secretary; and Bob McCurdy, Treasurer.