Chenzo Couponing Baby Edition - A New Day a New Deal a New Dad

Congratulations to Vinny the Coupon guy and his wife - they have welcomed into the world a beautiful baby girl. Everyone is doing well, healthy and happy. Vinny is back with a new couponing endeavor - this time as Daddy.

Hey HHV Readers,

With a newborn baby there is always something to do or reasons to be on 24-hour waking benders - she stayed up until 6 am the other night! I guess expecting her to be able to tell time is a little ridiculous at this point.  Nothing compares to seeing her smile though, there's something about the way she embraces me while falling asleep that hits me as a Dad so hard and I know I will do anything and everything for my daughter.

So, this week is devoted to my two girls, my wife and my baby girl. As a bonus my new XDad status will help all of You cash in on some great baby deals!

gift card for a rainy day

At Rite Aid this week when you buy two $25 gift cards from select stores you can get a $5 UP Reward with the purchase. (2 transactions per customer). So, I will buy two Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards and two Old Navy gift cards. They will cost $100 but I will receive $10 total in UP Rewards for my next deal.

$50 in gift cards - $5 rewards = 10% savings

I'll save those cards for a rainy day and make sure to use coupons.

The next deal I spotted involved diapers. We have used about 100 diapers in the past week! So we can never have too many. I have stashed diapers from the baby shower and pre-baby shopping trips but, bad planning! They are all too big right now. SO, I need to find Newborn size for the best possible price.


Rite Aid has two for $20 on the jumbo pack - PLUS - receive a $5 UP Reward. I'm limited to two offers. So I'm going to buy 4 packs. There are 36 diapers in each pack or 144 total. Roughly about 14 cents a diaper! Not bad!

@ChenzoCouponing time : I'll need to do two separate transactions, and the $1.50 coupons I pulled from the Sunday circular.

#1.  2 packs of diapers for $20 minus the two $5 UPR equals $10 minus two $1.50 coupons equals $7 and receive a $5 UPR. #2. 2 packs of diapers for $20 minus the one $5 UPR equals $15 minus two $1.50 coupons equals $12 and receive a $5 UPR for next time.

In conclusion, my excitement is shopping and finding the deals. I don't need to buy anything silly for myself. My girls need me and I need them. We, meaning my wife and I realize that careful planning with baby expenses won't send us to the poor house, it might actually help us save for a house one day.

Happy Couponing!


Vinny the Coupon Guy is also a K-12 Mathematics Tutor. When he’s not figuring out the next big deal, he is traveling around the Hudson Valley spreading Mathematics to all whom need his help. Vinny is a graduate of SUNY New Paltz with a Bachelor’s in Mathematics, pursuing Graduate school. Let Vinny be your personal mathematician and learn a new appreciation for numbers. From understanding comes Happiness.

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