City-Wide Art Project Takes Over Main St

Windows on Main Street opens August 10, runs through September 14, 2013.

Free to the public, open 24/7 along the length of Main Street, Beacon NY.

Beacon, NY — Each August, Windows on Main Street Beacon, tranforms into a month-long display of art installed from one end of the strip to the other. WIndows on Main St. is a celebration of Beacon’s uniqueness, rich history and recent revitalization. This collaborative and multidisciplinary project is intended to stimulate interaction between artists, residents, and businesses to explore how art can provide cultural and social understanding and be a catalyst for economic improvement in communities. In years past, local artists were challenged to create artwork inspired by whatever business was displaying the art. This year with the city-wide celebration of Beacon's grand centennial- artists werte encouraged to incorporate contenxtual clues about Beacon's rich cultural and commercial past.  

Maps will be available in the shops on Main, as well as at Beacon’s Visitor Center throughout the month. Visitors can also visit for a dynamic online map. There will be an Opening Party at Dream in Plastic, 177 Main Street, on Saturday, August 10, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, all are welcome as space allows. Additionally, Tiny Windows, a mini exhibition of the artists of Windows on Main Street, will be on display at Dream in Plastic throughout the month.

Tiny Windows is also free and open to the public.

Amy C. WIlson at Dream in Plastic 2012

This year, 38 artists will be participating in the event. They are:

  • Samantha Beste  ~  Miss Vickie's Music
  • Michael Bowman + Jennifer Konig  ~  Max's on Main
  • Sasha L Bush  ~  Howland Public Library
  • Vernon M. Byron, III  ~  Antalek & Moore
  • Michelle Gluck  ~  Modern Vintage
  • Michelle Rivas + Kristen Cronin + Dana Devine O'Malley  ~  The Beacon Building
  • Diana Currie  ~  Dream in Plastic
  • Deborah Davidovits  ~  The Beacon Bagel
  • Kate Dowell  ~  The Hop
  • Marcy B. Freedman  ~  By A Thin Thread / Beacon Healing Massage
  • Ricardo Fuentes  ~  Ella's Bellas / Tas Kafé
  • Callie Garcia + Cynthia McCusker  ~  Beacon Bath & Bubble
  • Peter Giampaoli ~ Echo
  • Carolyn Gregorek  ~  Mountain Tops
  • Beth Haber  ~  RiverWinds Gallery
  • Amanda Henneberry  ~  Hudson Land Design
  • Sam Horowitz ~ Carne
  • Alicia King Photography ~ Gate House Realty
  • Cristine Kossow  ~  The Cup and Saucer Tea Room
  • Mary Ann Kronk  ~  Blackbird Attic
  • Robert T. LaColla  ~  Beacon Natural Market
  • Cindy LaColla  ~  Lorraine Tyne
  • Nestor Madalengoitia  ~  Yankee Clipper Diner
  • Teresa Marra  ~  Reservoir & Wood
  • Teresa Marra  ~ Roosevelt Vet on the Hudson
  • Ty Marshal  ~  X on Main
  • Kristie Nicole Phillipson  ~  Play
  • Antonella Piemontese  ~  Beacon Institute for Rivers & Estuaries
  • Dan Rigney  ~  Hudson Beach Glass
  • Dakin Roy  ~  Mad Dooley Gallery
  • Laura Sansone ~ School of Jellyfish
  • Linda B Schiller  ~  Bannerman's Island Gallery
  • Teresa Schmittroth  ~  Artisan Wine Shop
  • Teresa Schmittroth  ~  Galaxie 13
  • Keely Sheehan  ~  Utensil Utensil
  • Benjamin L. Taylor  ~  Bank Sq.
  • Amy C. Wilson  ~  Dream in Plastic
  • Lily Zand ~ School of Jellyfish

This year, the event is organized by Hannah Anderson, Larry Guzman, Teresa Marra, and Melissa Tatge.

Since 2005, Windows on Main Street has served as a diverse demonstration of Beacon's thriving creative energy. Please visit to see the archive of previous years’ exhibitions.

Photos pulled from the 2012 WOMS project. To see this year's installations.. GO!!! It's free and Beacon is pretty awesome. See you there!