The Cold Hard Truth About the Fishkill Polar Plunge

On February 25, 2012 Fishkill famously held it's 14th year of Polar Plunge madness at the Sharpe reservation. The morning was full of sunshine and temperates stayed around 40° F, but whipping 60 mile-per-hour winds were a bit more unforgiving. Especially for the more than 600 soeaking-wet-plungers. But, they didn't seem to mind. Team Hula!

In fact, quite the opposite. Everyone seemed to have a really good time - freezin' for a reason, as it were.

Bonus : Check out The Polar Plunging Elbow Drop Stylings of CableVision's Nightly Sports Reporter Bobby Welber

Associate Director Theresa Gilli did an amazing job putting together a very successful event. Thanks to some very generous sponsors and 602 independent jumpers who each raised their own funds in support of the Special Olympics -$120,000 were raised for the worthwhile cause.

Marist Men's Crew

Truth is : it was awesome! But, please tell us what going into shock feels like!