Newburgh Rowing Participates in the Great Hudson River Cleanup

Newburgh, NY - Newburgh Rowing hosted the Great Hudson River Cleanup in which rower, families, and community volunteers picked up trash and debris from the shoreline and River and recycled, reused or saw to its proper disposal. "We covered just about the entire city shore line," said Coach Kennedy. "We had well over 100 volunteers, between the Newburgh Rowing Club, the NFA Crew Team and their parents, and members of the community. The big haul in weight was about 10 tons of drift wood loaded on to a 40 foot trailer. Thanks to the generosity of Cutrone Sand and Stone, in Newburgh, the wood was recycled into mulch. We have another trailer half full that we are still working on."

"In addition, thanks to the continued generosity of Taylor Recycling, we were able to fill a 30 yard dumpster, which was taken away by the Taylor Company. The garbage that our volunteers hauled out of the River and the shoreline includes two crushed boats, several dock pieces, 11 automobile tires, about a dozen pallets, 7 chairs, a large broken buoy, 3 broken garbage cans, a large air conditioner, a super large anchor, several pipes and piecess of metal, automobile parts and part of a roof."

NFA Girls Varsity 8+ during American Rivers Regatta

"Coach Kennedy and the Crew Team have been cleaning the River and the Shoreline for the last 20-plus years," said Team Mom Juliana LoBiondo, "this is the first year we had a sponsor, the American Rivers organization. They started the latest effort in earnest on Earth Day and Saturday was the last big push until after Crew season ends in early June. Coach Kennedy teaches the kids that they don't just row in the River, they are stewards of the River as well."

Rowers during 2013 earth day cleanup


Cover photo: Newburgh Rowing Club's Rebecca Davis cleans up Newburgh shoreline during the Great Hudson River Cleanup