DEAL! $5 Tile Pendants by Local Etsy Artist : Sun-Ra Jewelry

Carley Maneely was last seen at Sparks on the Ridge. In a sea of vendors, she stood out for one simple reason.

Her Tile Pendant Necklaces are $5!

While her technique is a secret, the charming 1" x 1" tiles come in an endless assortment of designs.

As a Happy Hudson Valley special DEAL, Carley has agreed to add a personalized feature to the piece.

Turn your photo of anything into a sweet necklace!  Think gift ideas - a loved pet, nieces and nephews, clip art, friends and mobile uploads. They can be worn of hung decoratively ( I have one hanging on my rear-view mirror). The possibilities are endless. Most importantly - the cost - $5!

But, not for long - the price of this necklace is going up in September. This is your last chance to have a little piece of $5 fab! You can connect with Carley on Etsy.

Carley will also be at Wappinger Community Day September 17th and 18th!

Carley lives in Walden with her long-time boyfriend Tom. She loves her work at Scenic Hudson as the Parks and Trails Coordinator. Sun Ra Jewelry since 2006