Deals for Dad's and a Big Announcement from Vinny the Coupon Guy

Happy Father's Day from HHV! Thank You father's of the world - each and every one of You - for being part of the miracle of life. For those who made the transition into a Daddy, you are truly special. What a responsibility! Being there every time you needed and knowing exactly what to do, too. Not an easy task! This Deal's for You!  I bought two of the $25 Hess Gift cards from Shop Rite. There was a promotion for a $10 CATALINA. Spend $50 that you would have to anyways and get a $10 coupon. HOT TIP: Remember that's like getting free groceries. Anyways, that $10 coupon generated lots of groceries for my wife and I. Usually, I can keep recycling a CATALINA three or four times. That's where I start off with one, then use it on my next order then use that one on the next and so forth.

This is what we must aim for at the grocery store. This is a picture of a throwback, they look different now- more detail. Shoppers - put these in your tool belt.  And, now on to some deals that will fill your fridge - @ChenzoCouponing Time : How about a random collection of things for Him? Kix cereal for the child in us All and frozen pizza for game day. I bought 2 boxes of Kix and 4 personal Tony pizzas for close to nothing this week.


 Kix $1.88 times 2 = $3.76

Tony's $0.88 times 4 = $3.52

 Total= $7.28

I used paper and digital coupons.

Two $0.75 off a box of cereal, each doubled to $1.50 = $3.00 off.

Plus, I signed up at for savings loaded to my shopping card, yielding another $0.75 off.

I printed two $0.50 off of two pizzas = $2 off.

Then, I had a coupon that Shoprite printed out for $1 off of three pizzas. (Lucky for us, they accept two coupons for one item, as long as one coupon is manufacturer and one is Shoprite.)

So, this costs $0.53 BUT, WAIT! I used two bags & my credit card for another $0.13 off.

GRAND TOTAL : $0.40 or more than 94% savings.

I also purchased  8 yogurt cups for cheap that would have cost $0.49 each or $3.92. I printed two $0.65 off of four cups and had a shoprite coupon for $1.00 off any 8. Thus I saved $3.60 total plus a bag and using my credit card. The yogurts only cost a QUARTER.


We'd like to take this moment to congratulate Vinny and his wife Elizabeth on the News that they are Expecting a Baby!!

From all of us at HHV, have a happy and healthy Father's Day.

Vinny the Coupon Guy is also a K-12 Mathematics Tutor. When he’s not figuring out the next big deal, he is traveling around the Hudson Valley spreading Mathematics to all whom need his help. Vinny is a graduate of SUNY New Paltz with a Bachelor’s in Mathematics, pursuing Graduate school. Let Vinny be your personal mathematician and learn a new appreciation for numbers. From understanding comes Happiness. Check out my new website: for more details.

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