'Eat This Bakery' Celebrates Grand Opening this Weekend

Red Velvet is Takes the lead with Vermont French Vanilla not Far Behind..*


Sure, cupcakes are cute…and fanciful and delicious...they're also everywhere. So, when Randi Greene and Josh Thiele set-up shop on Clinton St. in Montgomery, they wanted to do things a little bit differently.

that's more than a name, it's an attitude *

Bakerista Randi is adorable at 26 - carrying the front-of-house and taking matters into her own hands in the kitchen. Literally, she mixes by hand. She is tirelessly committed to the technique passed along by her Grandma.   Her arms are singed at the wrist by a hot oven rack - battle scars. She's carrying around a metaphorical bat that implies - go ahead - throw it at me, then duck. Her partner Josh - an army reservist - toured Iraq as a mechanic for the military police. This is not his first time around the entrepreneurial block.

It's black and white and pink all over in here, but don't let that cutesy look fool you. 'Eat This' is not merely a suggestion, it's an attitude. Josh is up before dawn to knead the dough and bake the bread. Randi is putting in 10 hour days even working the cupcake festival circuit. (Catch them at the Gardiner Cupcake Festival May 19th).


Still, there’s more to this operation than 4am wake-up calls and the 90 cartons of eggs they’re plowing through in their certified kitchen each week.

No Espresso,

No Egg Sandwiches,

Not Here.

A cafĂ© around the corner has the exclusive on those items. But, that didn’t stall their optimism – instead they carved out a niche that everyone can appreciate, investing in the benefits of organic and local ingredients. They are even providing some gluten free options ($1,75/cupcake). Josh is famous for making an inventive derivation of frosting that involves a Marshmallow base.

Hello, niche...meet cupcakes.

Randi feeds her piggy

It's a difference you can absolutely taste. I tried an organic bran muffin ($2.50). with bits of apple, carrot and organic brown cane sugar. A sophisticated and guilt-less choice at any time of day.

Guilt-free at a cupcake shop, are you kidding? And, if you opt for Irish Soda bread in the ½ off day-old items section of the store, even your wallet will thank you.

German Chocolate Cake Cupcakes are a favorite on the weekends.

Black-Out Chocolate Cake has made a name for itself on the streets of Montgomery.

Vermont French Vanilla Cupcake with Maple Bacon Icing and Caramel Buttercream (enough said).

Peanut Butter Cup Surprise for the peanut butter chocolate lover.

Peanut Butter Lovers Unite!

Also trending – macaroons.

Ok so, gourmet cupcakes, custom cakes, home made bread, apple streusel & gluten-free options...something for everyone to eat and be merry about…what else you got?

what else you got?*

Well, if sweet is not your thing, then the gourmet cheese case must be! It's what will eventually become a grilled-cheese paradise -options like Huntsman Double Delight Cheddar, real Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese w Cranberries, and a myriad of slices that will fit artfully between the store-baked bread who's yeast was risen at dawn. Grilled cheese lunches that people will come miles for...we'll keep you posted.  DIY types can have a slice of bring home a pound.

 'Eat This' - they will officially cut their Bakery ribbon on Saturday, May 12th.

 *Photos by Kristen Macauley Aloisi at Bella Photography