Engagement at the Old Stone Church

Perhaps he had seen her there standing on the playground in 6th grade, carefree and laughing with her friends. Perhaps she tossed her hair in such a way that he never quite erased her from his mind. But, she wouldn't notice him until much later.

Megan Fowler from Maybrook, NY and Tyler Mulvenna from Montgomery, NY are young-twenty-somethings-in-love. The couple found one another as if for the first time after a decade had passed. Their first-date at TGIFridays was a night they hoped would never end.  An evening of smoothie-sipping led to incessant texting, daily calls and a longing to be together. And, every night, a kiss between them.

"I couldn’t get enough of him. From the start I just had this feeling. I knew he was my future and I wanted to see him every day."



Before long, Tyler would take Megan by the hand and lead her to the old stone church. The sun was glistening behind them at dawn. Their footprints were the first in the freshly fallen snow. Just asking the question would not suffice. Tyler pulled out a dozen roses and asked Megan to be his girlfriend.

Why the grand gesture? Perhaps he knew it was the last time he was ever going to ask anyone to be his.

The couple enjoyed similar Spring schedules on the SUNY Orange Middletown campus where they were both attending classes. Megan studied pre-nursing there and just finished EMT school. She currently volunteers for Montgomery ambulance corps. Tyler is a full-time firefighter for IBM and an EMT, and he is on-call around the clock.

Tyler is shy and reserved, but can't hide the smile from coming across his face whenever he hears Megan speak. As we talk he lovingly reaches his hand out to grasp hers, their fingers intertwined affectionately. Megan talks enough for the both of them. Opposites attract, they tell me, and they both agree they are very lucky to have found each other.

"We just connect in so many ways on so many levels," Megan adds.

So I put shy Tyler on the spot and asked him what he loves about Megan. He shot back a clever response saying, "What's not to love about her?" I see his point. Over the course of a single interview it becomes evident that Megan is a personable glowing beauty with strong family values and a giving heart.

For Megan it is Tyler's love for other people and the way he selflessly gives 'when the pager goes off at 3am'. He is kind and loving, something she hadn't known in a partner until she met him.

"So much of me has changed. I was in some bad relationships in the past. I had boyfriends that weren’t nice. I acted out and was selfish in response. My Dad always told me once I met the right person everything would change. He was right!"

The engagement came in March of this year at the same stone church where they were often seen together. In the same space Tyler first asked Megan to be his. His voice cracked a little mid-conversation, but Megan didn't think anything of it. Fidgeting, he reached his hand into his pocket and pulled out a box.

Megan thought, "Oh cool! a bracelet...or something."

But it wasn't a bracelet, and it wasn't just any box. Tyler got down on one knee and asked in no uncertain terms that Megan prepare to share forever with him. She tried to freeze frame the moment with tears streaming down her face - freezing to her cheeks in the cold - and when the answer came, she screamed outloud a resounding, 'yes!'.

I would do anything for Tyler. I always tell people all the time now that I met Tyler don’t waste your time dating Mr wrong, just wait!

Tyler and Megan are looking forward to a Spring 2014 wedding.

"Have courage enough to trust love one more time and always one more time." - Maya Angelou