Extreme Couponing with Vinny and a Kosher Calendar Full of Coupons

(say that three times fast, we dare you). Well, October is here and that means that the holiday season is upon us! Happy New Year to all of the Jewish readers. I have something kosher up my sleeve for you!    Hooray for coupons!  Shop Rite recently released a special Kosher calendar full of Shop Rite coupons. That is great news, I'll tell you why!  

Those can be combined with manufacturer coupons. It's called stacking. Using two  coupons for one item. Most stores allow this in their coupon policies. I recommend reading the literature before you make a fool of yourself.  But anyways, let's discuss my recent shopping experience. It was a stock pile builder. The grocery store had a great deal on tissues and theraflu. So I bought 20 boxes. Only $7 for everything. I did return a few things that I knew we wouldn't use. So, that helped the bill a little. Plus I received a $5 off coupon for next time.   Hot Tip : Save all receipts.

Chenzo's Coupon Choice: kosher calendar found at shop rite Expires 10/22/11

 Deal of the week: total cereal 1.99 minus .85 (doubled) equals .29 a box. Print coupon @ pillsbury.com

Happy Chenzocouponing to all! (Follow me on twitter) @ChenzoCouponing

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