Fire Melts* Newburgh Home; Donations Being Accepted for Family

STORY UPDATE MAY 21, 2014: The Blauvelts are finally leaving the hotel for semi-temporary and very comfortable living quarters this coming weekend. We had halted publically all of the donation requests due to lack of space. The latest news for anyone who is still looking to help is for just a handful of items that are kitchen related. The family wants to reiterate they are incredibly grateful for all of the kindness that has been shown to them over the last several weeks.

Donations poured in from across the country - strangers helping strangers - and it was a beautiful thing!!

Some kitchen items that will be of use:  
Plates, Bowls
Mixing Bowls
Small Counter top appliances
Mugs, glasses
Measuring cups / spoons
Set of Knives
Basically, anything for the kitchen - you don't know how much you are missing until you go look for it and it isn't there. 

- Amy Stillwagon of Newburgh Envelope is still accepting there particular items on behalf of the Blauvelt family at the Newburgh offices.


EDITORS NOTE: The family is resting comfortably in accommodations provided through their insurance. They are incredily thankful for the fast response carried out by the community through this clothing drive. They are not asking for monetary donations at this time - just supportive thoughts and well-wishes as they attempt to rebuild. They are looking for a realtor who can help them find a rental property and a contractor who can give them an estimate for boarding up the structure. Clothing is still being accepted at Newburgh Envelope though until further notice the family has nowhere to put anything more. THANK YOU so much Hudson Valley!! 

******* Cathy and Brian Blauvelt were at home on Saturday evening (April 5th) when fire broke out. Powerful wind gusts had created the perfect storm for destruction -- though the origination is unconfirmed one family member said a smoker on the porch may have caused the accident. The fire started on the deck outside, and Saturday’s strong winds quickly spread the flames into the house, said Middlehope Fire Chief Michael Corizzo. The parents along with their son, Matthew, and family pet Hope - a black lab - headed outside to safety. The fire engulfed the first floor, then the second sending a fireball high into the evening sky. The street was alight with the burning of the structure. Cathy stood watching, managing the words "It's just material things, at least we're all safe," through her tears. Neighbors and friends gathered around sons Zachary and Andrew as they arrived home from their respective Saturday social visits and jobs. Matthew, Andrew and Zach stayed with Mom until the sun had left the day. Brian was transported to local hospital, suffering from carbon monoxide inhalation. Cronomer Valley, City of Newburgh, Milton and Middlehope fire departments were on the scene along with Air Guard FAST.

The family lost everything. Friends are extending a call for help on behalf of the family who are tied up with details and aftermath.

A local business: Newburgh Envelope 1720 Route 300 in Newburgh near Chadwick Lake is set-up to receive donations. 

SIZES ARE: Shirts XS/S/L/XL   Pants: 30x32; 32x29; 36x30 Shoes: Men's 9.5 and 10

Gift cards are also being accepted. 

It took several dozen firefighters nearly 4 hours to extinguish the structure. It is still standing, but everything inside was lost. All help -- even just a share of the story -- is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you for sharing this post and giving what you can to help this family. 

<3 friends at Happy Hudson Valley (neighbors of the Blauvelts)

To the individual taking issue with the decriptive word "MELT" we used in the title, creative license is our liberty and we are not shy about it. Also, if you saw the house, vinyl siding and fiberglass incinerated by a flame ball that reached 1500 degrees, you'd understand why we chose that word.