Flower Industry Makes a Statement at Hospice's 12th Annual Floral Magic Event

When it matters, send flowers.

Death is a part - albeit painful part - of living - the type of issue that comes along once in a while from a distance to remind us of it's inevitability and occasionally close enough to shake us to the core. In cases of long term illness there is some time to prepare, to care for and attend to situational matters and possibly come to grips with some level of acceptance. But, how do you move past your grief long enough to deal with funeral arrangements? What do you do when aftermath an expected loss hits so hard that you can barely stand? It may help you to realize you don't have to go through it alone. There are community resources available to you.

Like Hospice. Hospice, Inc. with 69 offices in NY State and over 5,000 offices nationally, is the leading bereavement support services provider bringing quality care and compassionate healing to families since 1974. Some history: The organization was spun in the mid seventies after Dr. Elizabth Kubler-Ross published her book On Death and Dying identifying the 5 stages terminally ill patients go through. It was a national best seller that opened the medical industries eyes to home-care services. She then testified at the first national hearings conducted by the U.S. Senate Special Committee on aging on the subject of 'dying with dignity' saying,"We can give families more help with home care and visiting nurses, giving the families and the patients the spiritual, emotional, and financial help in order to facilitate the final care at home.” The first Hospice was founded in 1974  in Connecticut.

Hydrangea arrangement

Mid-Hudson Valley has two Hospice offices (one in Poughkeepsie and one in Kingston). Patient care, family care, bereavement counseling and family support services are all provided through the Mid-Hudson branch thanks in part to their many volunteers - 157 to be exact. Volunteers train yearly and commit as long. Michelle Haynes - a Dutchess county resident - is a lovely woman with a comforting smile. She has been volunteering since 1992. Michelle arrives to comfort people in their time of loss, holds hands and shares stories - often remaining friends with the families for years to come.

Purple Lady Slippers

On a local level Mid-Hudson Hospice has been uniting with local florists for 12 years - throwing a beautiful soiree that benefits the organization and it's very important work. Poughkeepsie Grandview was home to the event in 2012 uniting 9 local floral companies with a room packed full of flower lovers and Hospice supporters. Guests came with their checkbooks in hand - ready to bid on a cornucopia of beautiful arrangements donated by the florists.

Amanda Alves smiles after winning the bid on a beautiful flower arrangement

"Floral Magic" event - as it's recognized was hosted by Dot Chenevert - former owner of The Green Oak Florist and past president of the Mid-Hudson Floral Association. In total $19,600 dollars were raised for Hospice, Inc. Dot shared a message about the local florist industry that comes in handy during this holiday season and all year round, "We are a very generous and giving industry made up of mostly small family shops. We depend on our community for support...". In other words, buy local.

Dot auctions off a Cornucopia ($185 at auction)

Katherine Turner - owner of Poughkeepsie's Flower Barn (located on Violet Ave.) hears this message loud and clear. She and daughter Barbara run a 3rd generation florist shop and were one of the first companies to pair up with FTD. But, the relationship does under cut the bottom line.  A large variety of arrangements are available through most local shop websites and calling shops directly keeps the money here.  Additionally, consumers can avoid a tele-service fee markeup of 8 - 15% by buying directly from the florist shop.


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Despite fighting a fire in her home just a day before the event, Tina Keil from Bella Fiori (pictured with her son) delivered an arrangement for auction the night of the event.

Meadowscent Florals and Adam's Fairacre Farms, also supported the event. When Bad News Happens, Deliver Happiness. Think Flowers, Think Local First!!  You can also connect with Hospice online.
Holiday decor tip: keep candles in the freezer - they burn slower. Happy Holidays from the HHV Team!