Get Posting Those Events! Readership is up 130%

This weekend I finally settled down in the peace of evening with my feet on the heater and a glass of warm chai tea between my hands. I have wholeheartedly and perpetually embraced the comfort of sweatpants & sweatshirt—this is my winter look. I haven't been in the sunshine since it last shone overhead sometime in the fall some 6 months ago. It's cool (cold). I am here to tell you that we have made it through winter snow and ice and spring YES SPRING pendulum is in motion.  This morning we dodged a snow storm. Another dig-out of ankle deep inch accumulations pushing melt-down further and further. It's cold today, yes. But, I take comfort in knowing that these days are coming to an end. I can feel the sun on my face as I sit here. 

As soon as the weather breaks the Hudson Valley will erupt into a mad carnival of non-stop events! Our weekend will be booked with all of you -- our Happy Mobile in glorious action! The best way to get us to stop by at your event is to get your events posted on our calendar. 

Frequently received emails:

"I DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY FOR ADVERTISING." --  No problem! It's free to post on Happy Hudson Valley!

"I WANT TO REACH MORE PEOPLE." -- You're in the right place! We get new organic hits every day!

"I DON'T WANT TO BE AFFILIATED WITH BAD NEWS." -- You won't find bad news here! We post always in the theme of happiness!

"I WANT TO GET INVOLVED." -You're in the right place! Get connected to great organizations and events happening here in the Hudson Valley through the calendar!

I am officially sitting down tonight starting to take notes about what's happening when - 5k's and fundraisers... we are getting ready to tackle events season with you. Your list of what's happening pours in through my email and they're stacking up in the social calendar. Thank You! For those of you who are new to the site -- readership is up 130%!! -- we're set up here so that anyone can log in and post events for free. Take advantage of this great community service. 

Local theaters and music venues * community organizations and associations * public collegiate events * non-profits * BNI and local chambers * mommy n me classes * music lessons and SO MUCH MORE are all being posted to the HOH social calendar. We have categories for Fundraisers * Arts & Music * Kid Friendly * Happy Hour * Business & Networking and events in general. Events also rotate on the site in the sidebar based on what's next. So many great local organizations have made use of the site and our community is growing! 

They all found us the same way you have - through the street team, the staff appearances and social media. We are all here together trying to show everyone that positive thinking can change the way a community is perceived.  What makes this a great place to live? We answer that question every day. 

So get posting! See you out there, Hudson Valley! 


** Cover photo c/o Orange County Chamber of Commerce -- thanks for the awesome plug! Photo by AJ Ross Creative

Check out my write-up in Orange County Business Watch February/March issue. In it I get to talk about how I got started and the future of the project! 

In 2011, I started an online writing project that had a lot of potential, but I was really unsure what my goals were and how to reach them. When I enrolled in EAP, I had a LOT of questions and I wanted to ask them all. Talent and excitement were a great start, but there were a lot of details that needed to be ironed out. EAP gave me all the pieces to look objectively at what I wanted to do and realize it. Cynthia (Marsh-Croll, EAPO Manager and instructor) helped me shape my numbers realistically, and the additional help I got in SCORE meetings helped bring everything into alignment. I then had all the pieces to put together and awesome, attainable business plan and year one was a total success! has become a reliable source of enjoyment online for a lot of people. Most of them I have never even met, but nonetheless, the project is reaching them. Major success came in February 2013 when I was able to re-launch the site on a brand new platform with a user interface that allows anyone to sign in and post their own news and events. It’s creating a really incredible compilation of work. Contributors from SUNY New Paltz and the Culinary Institute of America are the icing on the cake for me. There is even a car sponsorship from Morehead Honda. We keep gaining momentum and even though the project is growing, it never feels like work.

There is something so magical about bringing the thing you love to do to the forefront of your life and subsequently making it work on paper. Sharing this news and information service in the Hudson Valley is the single most important thing I have ever done. The progress of this project gives me so much joy, seeing what our community is capable of and accomplishing day in and out is a great source of my own happiness.

Now we are at a stage where we are sharing the concept with other communities that could benefit from good news and happy headlines. I really couldn't have done any of this without the Chamber. I got a 101 in business on a budget that even a blog-writer could afford, and it has given me the tools to expand in every direction. I love networking at the Chamber, and use it as home-base for what's happening in my community. It's a great group of people who will drop everything to help you succeed. And they have been instrumental in helping me get this project off the ground.


** We screen ALL events for happiness.