Good Carma

What I have to say next is largely out of context.. not the usual. It's a confession of sorts and also a declaration all being made in order to maintain transparency. When this project began in Summer 2011 it was entirely a writing project with a community service piece built in. Last year for 12 straight months a team of photographers, writers, editors and community activists fell in Love with and dedicated many many hours to making it happen.

We never asked for anything in return, and when we didn't ask one by one our advertising sponsors came to us out of true admiration and requested they be given the means to provide support for the project. Well that was awesome. In one year we posted nearly 300 stories and almost 1,000 events. I personally put almost 15,000 miles on my car getting there. I was happy to do it.

Then came the rebuild - a 5 months in the works project to customize a happy place our audience could utilize, a method for growth and a celebration of met potential. An entire year's worth of advertising dollars went towards that rebuild and we wouldn't have had it any other way.

But, the car needed work and the parts kept breaking and we started turning down opportunities and bowing out of places we wanted to be. Then something I can't quite explain happened. A local car dealership found out about our project and invited us in for a meeting. "We love this community," they told me. "We have been working quietly for 3 generations to support it and have a lot to show for that - our dealership is doing better than ever and our customers are so happy. We really like what you're doing, how can we help you keep going?"

Well, I thought, I could really use a car right about now.

That's the truth. The last 15,000 miles have all been for a very important cause, but they took their toll. Each time I was carried successfully to my destination I felt so thankful - I sighed out loud with relief at the sound of the engine turning over. I swear that old car had angel wings..

I knew time was running out on that thing so I began reaching out to other local dealerships proposing a sponsorship of sorts.. Each place I went turned me down due to corporate provisions or uncertainty about how to execute the request for a car sponsor. I had pretty much given up hope..

Just then there was a knock at the door of life, and opportunity said, "how can we help you keep going?" Once again the truthful mission of had sold itself. A few days later I was picking out my new Honda Insight Hybrid from Morehead Honda in Newburgh. They worked with me to make this possible beyond belief. They are truly invested in this community and have been for 3 generations.

I can't begin to express my gratitude.. and since meeting this great team of people I have been trying to put the pieces together to share the secret of their success with all of you. I met employees that have been with the company for over ten years - a recently promoted service manager who began as a parts delivery guy. A vibrant woman on the sales floor who started a woman's initiative program that helps lady buyers feel more comfortable. She handed me the keys to my new Honda Insight with finesse and courtesy talking me through every feature. I met a man in the waiting room who showed me a picture of his crashed Honda Odyssey - a head on collision at 40 miles per hour that he walked away from without a scratch. He comes across the bridge to have his car serviced at Morehead. "I would never even think of going anywhere else," he told me.

I have a lot to say. But, I think what they did for me says it all. And I will be incredibly proud to drive this hot hybrid on behalf of Morehead and in 2013.

We anticipate that a lot of great stories will come from Morehead in 2013 and we will publish all of them - just like we are here to publish your good new stories, so keep sending them! But it is the absolute truth that our sponsors make all of this possible. We are dedicated to uplifting the spirits of this community and celebrating the great work that is constantly happening here. Thank you for being a part of this and thank you Morehead for helping us get there.

  • The New Honda Insight comes with USB cable hook-up
  • Leather wrapped steering wheel with control options
  • Speaker Box Blue Tooth Hook-Up
  • Dash-mounted economy button and hybrid technology (I've been getting appr. 40 miles to the gallon!)
  • 60/40 split rear seat with fold down option

And Much, much more.. visit Morehead Honda and Honda of Kingston for a test drive!

* Beautiful designer wrap sold separately. ;)


This business compensated us to be listed on because they feel their products and services are a great fit with our Happy philosophy… and we agree.