Habitat Blitz Homeowner Get Keys to Mixed-use Home

*Thanks to a very special group of dedicated volunteers who are committed to making this community better. Shown in headlining photo from the Builder's Blitz leadership team: Nate Litwin, Brady Quinn, Andy Stahl, Cathy Collins, Ian Rieger, Mike Brooks, Angelo Ferrante, Rich Fenwick and Josh Zaloga.

Newburgh, NY — Celebrating the culmination of an incredible week, Habitat Newburgh passed the keys to the completed pilot Live/Work house to the Acevedo family, who will purchase the home and own the business. Built in just 5 days, this innovative new building is Habitat Newburgh’s 5th Home Builders Blitz. Over 500 volunteers worked throughout the week to create the three-story mixed-use house, which will incorporate functional space for homeowners to operate a business as well as provide living space.

Homebuyer and entrepreneur Ignacio Acevedo said, “This week was an unbelievable experience. I can’t believe that I got to see our house being built in a week. It felt like I was dreaming with my eyes open. I’m so excited for my family to move in and to open my business.”

Ignacio Acevedo is a professional photographer and community organizer and plans to use the commercial space to open a photography studio and community gallery. He shared, “In the past, I tried to create a studio in my two-bedroom apartment, but there was not enough space to make it work. I had to put my dreams on hold because there was no way to afford rent and a studio space.

MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth provided a $100,000 implementation grant for this pilot mixed-use project. Bill Braine, vice president / business leader, Global Commercial Products, MasterCard, expressed, “We’re excited to partner with Habitat for Humanity to bring the Live/Work model to Newburgh and other communities around the country. It was an honor to volunteer during this 5-day build and to celebrate today with the Acevedo family. We know the big role that small businesses play in driving the economy and supporting local communities, and we are proud to be working with families, like the Acevedos, who depend on these businesses for their livelihood.”

Ignacio Acevedo receives the keys from Andy Stahl

In just 5 days, from June 6 to June 10, the local building community donated labor, materials, and expertise as they collaborated with Habitat Newburgh to complete the 5th Home Builders Blitz.  Andy Stahl, Chair of the Habitat Newburgh Home Builders Blitz Committee shared, “This is my favorite part of my career and my third Home Builders Blitz. It is always an incredibly rewarding experience. There is an unbelievable amount of energy, a spirit of cooperation and teamwork, and everyone is working towards a common goal—a home for the Acevedo family.”

Cathy Collins, Habitat Newburgh Executive Director, expressed, “I am deeply touched and extraordinarily grateful to all of the people who contributed in so many different ways to make this Live/Work house possible. It is a testament to the power of collaboration. I am inspired by this beautiful house and incredibly proud to see the Live/Work home I always imagined on this lot come to life.”

If you are interested in applying for a Live/Work house, would like to support future projects, volunteer, or get involved in other ways, please contact us at (845) 568-6035 or info@habitatnewburgh.org.