Happy Holiday Decorating Tips by Interior Designer Rachel Losee


In traditional holiday decorating, people layer on greenery, florals, glitz and ornamentation to create a festive mood in their homes. Most ends up either in the trash by New Year’s Day, or boxed up in the garage for the next 11 months. There are more sensible and eco-friendly ways to stretch decorating dollars this year, Introducing a new, but complementary color theme to create a beautiful new glow in December that you can live with and enjoy all through the winter. Here are a few ways to use this affordable and practical approach, and give your home holiday appeal that lasts long after the presents are unwrapped. 1. Begin with an area rug that either warms up or brightens your main gathering space by introducing a new pattern or accent colors. Bordered rug, for example, offers elements of tradition with a contemporary feeling and a riot of color. 2. Candles are very cost effective and create fabulous accents for any decor, especially during the holidays. They can add wonderful scents to your home and stylish glow to your special events and your ordinary winter evenings spent at home. To add interest, use candles of varying heights and widths. For the best effect, group candles in odd numbers (see above).

3. Metallics are making headlines in the interior decorating industry.Silver and gold accents in accessories combined with other holiday colors give rooms a very festive appearance. Carry a theme from room to room, but be careful about too much repetition. 4. Accessories, such as pillows, art and lamps, in holiday colors and designs can be inexpensive ways to add interest and warmth to your home. Pillows create great color accents to coordinate with new or current wall art, while a new lamp can be the inspiration for an updated look.

 5. Window Treatments, fabric drapery, valances, can give a space a finished look with adding warmth and color. During the winter season when our energy bills are high, you should be covering your windows to keep the heat in. Additionally, you may want to keep design trends in mind for the season. A clutter-free, transitional custom look defines interior design trends this season. These are economically uncertain times, so whether you are doing more home entertaining or simply staying home, you cannot lose with this clean look. For product information or for help creating a space you love being in.

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