Happy Shopping and Stackable Savings with Vinny the Coupon Guy

Today I'm going to share a technique with you for promotions that track. These are the type that can be completed over multiple transactions. Simply, you guys don't have to purchase everything for the promotion at the same time. Rite Aid currently has a few of these going on. The other day my $20 UP Reward printed out. Tons of products at Rite Aid are marked with the Buy and Save logo. The best part of these deals is that they track prices before coupons are applied. So I probably spent about $15 or $20 in order to reach my $100 goal. No worries if you haven't started this deal, you have until March 3 to complete it. This is called their Winter Reward. HOT tip: Look for the deals that over lap with deals like this.

For example, this week Colgate Total Advanced toothpaste is buy one at $3.50 get a $3.50 UP Reward, limit of 4. Plus it counts towards the Winter Reward. ChenzoCouponing time says coupons are not needed for this deal. Buy one pay $3.50 plus tax. Use UPR to buy next one and continue recycling UPR. Pay around $5 for 4 tubes and have $3.50 UPR for next time.  If you saved your Coupon inserts from last Weekend, you will find .75 off one tube in the Smart Source making this an even better deal.

Another great deal that will help generate a few UPRs is the toothbrush offer. On sale for $2.49. It counts towards the Winter Rewards, plus each one receives a $1.50 UPR, limit of 4 offers. So Chenzo couponing says use the $3.50 UPR from the toothpaste. You need to find something for a dollar to fill the whole UPR, they will never give you cash back.

I recommend 2 Cadbury eggs. They will help with the Winter Rewards and are buy one get one free.  By the way, for all of the Colgate products, you should notice on your receipt that you are tracking another deal that says Advil $25 get $10. This one is not listed clearly in their Circular.      Happy Couponing and keep those savings large. Remember if you pay your bills, it's okay to charge.

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