Here Today, Gone Today the Elusive Treasures of the Habitat ReStore

We have done our fair share of covering Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newburgh's sincere accomplishments over the last year. We may have even got our gloves dirty on more than one Saturday morning occasion in order to better familiarize ourselves with the inner-workings of the project.

What we have learned through this hard work (in addition to caulking as a life skill) is that like many things in this this tough economic climate, Habitat would not be possible without collaboration. It's understood that they rely greatly on volunteers, skilled labor and community partners, but there's more to the story. They also depend heavily on their partnership with the Habitat ReStore at 125 Washington St. in order to fund the organization in monies as well as fixtures.

The ReStore is a showroom packed to the brim with unique furniture items. A treasure trove of great finds... See something you like? Better grab it! Inventory is rotated every 2-3 days, and everything is priced to sell...laws of supply and demand - emphasis on demand - are applicable here on any given day.

The Newburgh ReStore is part of a national network of 700 supplemental Habitat stores that serve as a sustainable revenue source for the Habitat for Humanity work. The Newburgh ReStore is fully staffed with volunteers and relies on regular donations - the truck does pick-up from as far away as NYC. [845-565-1789 x201 to schedule pick-up] While well loved and well received, it is also a well kept secret - frequented by locals who know they have to show up a few times a week to cash in on really great buys. Landlords, contractors, Interior Decorators and Do-it-Yourselfers all love to shop here for stuff that is so good they may want all to themselves! The Newburgh Brewery picked up chandeliers for their tap room at the ReStore and if the numbers don't lie they might have scored as much as 75% off on their find.

Floor Adhesive $5 (Retails for $20)

The ReStore is stocked with everything from microwaves to Tiffany lamps - pianos and bathtubs and gold leaf tables. Everything is sold as-is but many of the items come still-in-the-package straight from major retailers like Lowes. Locally, Tractor Supply, Hudson Valley Lighting, Accutile and Lamp Lighting frequently contribute generously to the inventory of the store. You just never know what you'll find!

Treasure!! Take me home for $20

Store manager Tricia Coulard moved to Newburgh 5 years ago and was fast to get on board with the "happy" atmosphere at the ReStore. The fiercely petite paralegal started out driving the box truck, but she quickly maneuvered into a management position by showing initiative. A hidden talent for photographic memory made her a great candidate for the position given the constant overflow of inventory. Her friendly face is there to meet every customer, volunteer and Habitat staff member - she is the mistress of ceremonies over a constant in-and-out flux of happening that you will experience first hand at the store.

On her watch the ReStore saw a 16% increase in sales last year. She credits social media - their facebook page is incredibly well visited - and her partner in crime Holy Cow - a mutt-mix rescue who shares her colorful downstairs office. Check them out on FB to glimpse featured inventory items as they arrive. And, then there's the volunteers. Like 13-year-old Genoveva Corrales who's family was able to purchase a Habitat house 5-years-ago. A smile comes across her face as she recounts the memory of a small, cramped apartment lifestyle that became a future of safety and security through Habitat for Humanity. Genoveva dutifully dusts the pieces that come into the store and is occasionally even spotted behind the register.

Surplus comes and goes here, but at the moment you can cash in on a room full of spindles priced at $3 a piece, bifocal doors $5 each, and shop the paint shelves to brighten up your walls for a few dollars per can.

bi-focal doors

The ReStore is looking for cultivated crafters who can manage the full working woodshop, and volunteers are always welcome. Store Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 8am-4pm and Thursdays til 7pm A Habitat ReStore is a furniture, lighting and building materials recycling/resale facility that supports the services of its local Habitat for Humanity affiliate.

The Newburgh ReStore, located at 125 Washington Street, Newburgh, NY recycles new, gently used and antique items donated by manufacturers, stores, contractors and individuals. These donations are sold to the public at very low prices or used in the construction of Habitat houses.

All proceeds from sales go directly towards Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newburgh’s house construction program.*