Highlights from the Skyline 2013 Conference

One of the very best reasons to love college is the extracurriculars: teams, groups and organizations through which young adults form profound friendships and develop their character in the most dramatic and exciting ways. My little sister is 18 and away for her first semester at SUNY Purchase carving her niche through their page to sage theater arts program. She shares a suite with 6 other girls (one suite mate dropped off the scene after mid-terms). In a way it is survival of the fittest - who can persevere? As the young adults navigate the paths of academia, talents and special interest, and self we wish them a safe and happy journey built on a lifetime of memories in pursuit of their dreams. 

One such dream came true for some college students on Saturday, November 9th. Mount Saint Mary College was home to the 2013 Skyline Conference over the weekend. NCAA division III teams threw down for championship titles in men's and women's soccer and several women's teams competed in volleyball. Representatives from ten competing campuses from Albany to Long Island were represented at the Skyline Conference. Newburgh was picked for it's central location but the Mount specifically was targeted for its state-of-the art amenities. 

Women's Soccer Full Skyline Annoucement

The Mount women's team, the Knights (shown above) were undefeated in the conference when they took to the field on Saturday against the Farmingdale Rams. The crisp fall afternoon was glowing with satisfaction from spectators and players alike. It was a proud moment for the girls who -from both sides- gave their all but Farmingdale took the championship in the end (2-0). We're sure the Knight women's team are not huge fans of losing, but in this instance it comes down to 2nd place regional title which is a WIN anyway you spin it. Congratulations to all of the women competitors at the conference. 

Meanwhile in the Kaplan Recreation Center the volleyball semi-finals boiled down to the SAGE Athletics and St. Joseph's College's Golden Eagles in a showdown at 4pm. I took a seat in the bleachers alongside the girls watching them warm up - coming together in five second pep talks between shots taken to rally. I noticed gleefully that win or lose each player is honing in on her individual skills trying to cinch the opportune ricochet, serve and spike inherent to each volley. The gym erupts into screams of madness every minute or so at the point of contact favorable to their team. Cheers and jeers grow louder as the stakes move infinitely higher with the passing of each round, points building on both sides. 

Sage (18) versus SJC (13) just ten minutes in

Each girl takes her turn slamming into the floor, desperate to save the play. She pushes herself up with a look of determination across her face. She is triumphant knowing all of her effort is felt by her team. Athletes of every size and shape with braids pinned tightly to their heads ready to endure splits, leap into mid-air, tumbling scraping facing off for glory. It is sheer awesome. When they switch sides I get a closer look at the mechanics of team Sage. They are precise in their movements and convicted in their stances but SJC is leading (generously) ten minutes into the second round as though that far half of the room held an invisible advantage. The crowd starts pounding the floor and the bleachers are rocking under me as SJC pulls ahead 9-13. #17 Julianne Tierney spikes the ball on the next play delivered up by #8 Erin Kelly. The 5-point spread secures their second round victory. 

Women's Volleyball FINAL: SJC beat Sage 3 - 2 

Congratulations!!! And thank you for that awesome game! 

Skyline Volleyball Finals Announcement

Meanwhile back out on the field the men's soccer game was heating up in the second half with a 1-1 stand-off. IN a dramatic moment the Mount Saint Mary Knights took Farmingdale with :57 seconds left on the clock.

2 - 1 final - Mount Saint Mary College Knights 

Full Skyline Men's Soccer Announcement


I want to tell them all to hold onto this. That outside of these walls their greatness lives in a trophy on a shelf collecting dust. And, even if it doesn't end in that statuesque glory their moment was sparkling and shining and proud win-lose-or-draw. Theirs is a greatness we should all be seeking. Constantly. 

Congratulations to all of the Skyline participants! 

The Skyline Conference was sponsored by Morehead Honda. Hudson Valley car dealers since 1946. Constantly on the give-back to this community and for that we say, thank you! 

**Morehead Honda are corporate sponsors of our project, too. We think their philosophy is in perfect alignment with ours and we pretty much love them. :) 

Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, NY