How About A Hot and Steamy Tomato Soup Recipe to Warm You Up?

Casey "Cocoa Butter" returns with a soup and sandwich combo that will delight you all!

I don't know about you, but this California Girl is feeling fall! And in this chilly weather, the only thing I want to eat is SOUP :] This recipe is easy and delicious, and best of all? It pairs perfectly with a gooey grilled cheese sandwich. Who doesn't LOVE a grilled cheese sandwich?!

 So go to the store and grab some tomatoes because we are making tomato soup!!!

You Will Need: Tomatoes about 2 pounds (For me it was 8 medium sized tomatoes) 1 medium onion 4 cloves of garlic chicken stock oil salt and peppper [cheese and cream is optional but delicious] 1. Dice your onions and sweat in a tablespoon of oil. about 8 minutes, over medium heat. you want the onions to soften and become translucent -NO COLOR!

Let your Onions and Garlic Simmer

2. add diced garlic and sweat those out as well, another 5 minutes. 3. Now dice up all of your tomatoes and add them to the pot. Cover with chicken stock [about 2 cups] - you can use veg. stock if you want to make a vegetarian soup, but chicken stock has more flavor and tastes delicious- so I used that. 4. Cover and cook the soup until the tomatoes are very very soft, about 10 - 15 minutes.


Season with Salt and Pepper to taste. At this point you can puree the soup to make it completely smooth, or leave it chunky like I did! Now would also be the time to add any cream or cheese if you like. I would suggest adding about 1/2 - 1 cup of heavy cream for a nice and creamy finish! :] Serve this dish hot with some delicious grilled cheese :] yummmm!