The Hudson Valley Homecoming of Andy Grammer

The Hudson Valley's own Andy Grammer is celebrating 2011 in a big way. The list of things accomplished—Billboard-top-100/single-gone-Gold/duet-with-Taylor-Swift—have brought an ascension to his promising career. Grammer is reaching famed heights with his summer-smash-single "Keep Your Head Up", an anthem of sorts for a generation of idealists.


The 27-year-old singer/songwriter debuted on the charts in late 2010.  His self-titled album hit stores in June 2011. The native New Yorker turned LA transplant streams the optimism of the Golden Coast through his lyrical prowess with lines like "This is just a journey/Drop your worries/You are gonna turn out fine". But, he's also appealing to a wounded economy when he says, "I've been waiting on a sunset/Bills on my mindset/I can't deny they're getting high/Higher than my income, income's breadcrumbs//I've been trying to survive". 

Andy Grammer's Break Out Year from Andy Grammer on Vimeo. The sweet symphonic build-up that accompanies most of the tracks on the album exhilarate on the bridge consistently. Playful lyrics are complimented by a soulful vocal that comes across in an effortless succession of organic tones leaving no indication of auto-tune. If his words are to be believed, he's also something of an unusual romantic- taking a jab at the wannabe actresses he likely came across in LA in songs like The Pocket. "My world, my pride, my stars and my skies//I'm looking for a queen who's more than gorgeous on a movie screen//I'm looking for the cover girl of dignified beauty magazine". Grammer is currently gearing up for a National 35-city-tour in 2012 alongside Ryan Star. But, first he made a well received visit to the Hudson Valley to play K104's "Not So Silent Night" concert event on December 5th. It was a special moment for the Monroe-Woodbury Highschool graduate. Your have covered a lot of ground in recent years, how did you end up in Los Angeles?

I moved out to LA for music, I wanted a change and I wanted to develop my sound. It worked out great. It's funny though, I came back to NY to sign with S-Curve. I've been with them for a year-and-a-half.

Congratulations on headlining in 2012, are there any particular cities you are excited about?

I'm so excited to get to headline anywhere. Portland's been great to me, Boston's really exciting but I'm excited about all of the stops on the tour. Anywhere that there will be a lot of people!

What is your favorite song on the album?

 I love a lot of them for different reasons right now I'm loving Fine By Me, that's the next single.

You list Maroon 5 and Jason Mraz on your short-list of influences, but is there anyone unexpected who inspires you?

I really like Coldplay and One Republic. I've got  Jay Z, Common and Lupe Fiasco on rotation on my iPod.

What's your future collaboration wish-list like?

I love the idea of beat boxing and playing guitar and having people rap over it. So any of the people I named, I'd love to work with.

The words "Keep Your Head Up" are great advice that seems to have come at the perfect time. What would you say to people who are trying to follow their dreams right now and meeting discouragement?

Sure! So, figure out what you want. Then figure out how you can be of service to other people. That will get you further. If your focus is always on exactly what you want then it doesn't really create any inertia around you, doesn't create movement.  Turn the gear outward - that's when things start to move.

What's the best way for your Hudson Valley supporters to send you fan mail? send it through my management office. They'll get it to me!

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Special Thanks to Andy Grammer and S-Curve Records