Hudson Valley Honor Flight Prepares for Take-Off

Seeking Sponsors and Guardians for an Unprecedented Flight of Honor

 PR: On May 8th, Hudson Valley Honor Flight, a local chapter of the national organization, Honor Flight Network, will be transporting 100 World War II Veterans—at no cost the them—toWashington, D.C. The trip consists of a unique itinerary designed to give our local Veterans the ultimate show of gratitude for their service to our country, and for many of them a first glimpse at the World War II Memorial. Veterans from six surrounding counties will gather at Shoprite in Montgomery, NY (major sponsor of the event) for a ceremonial gathering the morning of take-off. A police escort will lead an entourage of Rolling Thunder, local politicians, military and the media to the Jet Blue departure gate at Stewart Airport.

A small ceremony will take place at the terminal beginning with a military Color Guard and ending with a red carpet roll-out to the aircraft. Throughout the day, many activities and special treatments are planned as a surprise to the Veterans. However, the highlight of the day will undoubtedly be the viewing of the World War II Memorial. The memorial was established in 2004 and most of our particpating Veterans have never seen it.

  Business sponsors for the biographical program (100 pages - one for each veteran) are still needed. A few 'Guardian' applications are still wanted. Several fundraising events are in the works and the committee is quite busy fulfilling the tasks of a very long check-sheet to ensure the trip comes together and goes off without a hitch! More info is available on Organization President Steve Nicoli's website: Honoring American Troops. May 8th is also a monumental day of honor for World War II Veterans. On this day 67 years ago, we celebrated Victory in Europe day, known by most as V-E Day, or the day that marks the defeat of Nazi Germany’s army. It was on this day that President Harry Truman dedicated the Victory in Europe day to Franklin D. Roosevelt. Flags around the country and inWashington,D.C. remained at half-mast for 30 days.


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