Hudson Valley Superfan on Meeting her Pop-Star Idol

Freddi is what you might call a Taylor Swift superfan. The 15-year-old sophomore at Goshen high school fills her days with a lot of things: hospital volunteer hours, band, varsity tennis and her studies; she has big plans to enter the medical field someday.  And, no matter how she spends her time she always finds room for some rest and relaxation kicking back with Taylor Swift on blast.
"I think she writes really relatable things in a way that's not intimidating," she said. "She's not portraying us as immature teenagers."
Who hasn't felt that moment of connect over some Taylor Swift line? The 24-year-old writes her imagery-rich songs raw with the range of human experience, calling on a certain observational wisdom that captures the mood at its essence, especially when it comes to: L-O-V-E. 

"Don't you think I was too young to be messed with?/The girl in the dress cried the whole way home"   ...been there 

"The last time I saw you is still burned in the back of mind/You left me roses and I left them there to die/This is me standing in front of you saying I'm sorry for that/and I go back to December all the time." ... done it

"Marry me Juliet You'll never have to be alone/I love you and that's all I really know."  ... wished it

Yes, the teenage music star has bared all (well almost all - she rarely reveals her subjects in any interview) on her 5 studio albums - each evolving with the artist since her debut in 2006. She was just 16 at the time. Freddi knows all of this. She knows a lot about Taylor. It's like they know each other. 

And, actually, they do! 

Freddi along with her Mom, Sharon, got to meet Taylor at her NYC penthouse apartment on October 3, 2014 at something called "Secret Sessions"...

Freddi is a social media superhero who tends to chat about the thing she loves most: T.S. And in a turn of events that quickly became a dream-come-true, Taylor noticed. And, subsequently invited Freddi and eighty eight other fans - a throwback to the name of her new album 1989- over to hang at her penthouse apartment in NYC and hear the new super secret unreleased at-the-time album (a tribute to the year she was born). Umm yes, dreams come true!

Freddi dished:

  • Everything in Taylor's life is a metaphor (this makes us want to re-listen to all of her songs)
  • Her penthouse apartment is HUGE, naturally, but also Taylor hangs fanmail in her place. Yup, she got your letter. She might be looking at me as you read this.
  • The living room is lined with Grammys and CMA awards. Freddi got to touch them!
  • Christmas lights are everywhere, there's a bird cage with books in it. Taylor revealed to her fans that everything in her life is a metaphor, so contemplate that one for a few!
  • The apartment is dimly lit, but brightened by a vast collection of softly burning candles (the place smells amazing!)
  • Pillows are all over the floor.
  • There's a huge fireplace with couches all around it.
  • Taylor took Polaroid in the piano room with all her guests!
  • Nothing was off limits -- she let her fans roam!

Taylor has totally revived her admirers by kicking into this "friend zone", "love my girlfriends" state of being which she's making mention of in every interview, magazine article and life statement (Karlie Kloss we mean you). And, stepping into her stride in a graceful and beautiful way -- Hello, NYC!

We are loving her new-found confidence. That was definitely the head cheerleader uniform we saw her wearing in your latest music video. Could it be a throwback to Taylor's nerd anthem "You Belong with Me?" She's team captain and I'm on the bleachers.  And we're so proud of her because this is fun to watch and also because she's taking it all on with the spotlight glaring at her and she's been flawless. We mean flawless.

Even Moms approve. Sharon said this about her Taylor experience: "Taylor sang along, danced and was the most gracious she could possibly be - even baking us cookies!!! What an amazing and talented artist, who genuinely cares for her fans! "

Freddi and Sharon had the absolute time of their lives complete with Taylor made home-baked cookies. 

Sharon's Polaroid with Taylor

Freddi's T.S. collection. She has it all!

About Secret Sessions: After much anticipation,Taylor quickly made her entrance down a cascading stairwell; her fans awaiting her seated neatly in her living room. Freddi took a seat on the floor next to the chair that would end up being THE CHAIR where Taylor sat down to deliver the goods. 

"Hi guys! I'm Taylor," she said. As though she needed any introduction. She was wearing a fun black dress and shiny Louboutin  heels. She hugged her V.S. supermodel friend Karlie Kloss who exited thereafter.
Then, she played 1989 for them. Smiling and gesturing and singing loud to every single song. And everyone proceeded to either a. melt into the floor b. sob uncontrollably or c. marvel at the grace and poise of this beautiful young lady who had literally opened her home to her adoring fans.
Freddi said, "I didn't start crying until she started playing the songs. She looked at me, and I lost it; full-out sobbing. I idolize her. She means everything to me."

Freddi's bedroom wall of inspiration, a tribute to Taylor
And Taylor is universally a beloved singer/songwriter and an incredible role model. As Freddi puts it, she presents herself respectfully in every instance, and handles so many pressures and day-to-day problems all while evolving as a human being and growing up in front of the public eye.
"She inspires me to be a better person, Freddi said. "I've dreamed about meeting her. It all happened so fast. It was surreal she means so much to me." And to the 800,000 Americans who downloaded her album when it debuted. 
Does she live up to expectation I wondered? Exceeded them, for sure.