It's Not Too Late to Register for Newburgh Pre-K!

(From the 2011 archives - information may be out of date)

The Universal Pre-K program still has open seats for the 2011-2012 school year!  We reached out to talk to someone about the program, one Kindergarten teacher who wished to remain annonymous weighed in with some commentary on the strength of the program and how it relates to Kindergarten success.

Little hands make colorful work!

"In my experience, the Newburgh Pre-Kindergarten program provides a well-balanced and enjoyable educational experience for all children.  Necessary skills are taught in a developmentally appropriate way and hands-on instruction caters to the learning styles of all children. We are experiencing a time when the Kindergarten curriculum demands much more from students and teachers. So, an appropriate and educational Pre-K Program is a must for children entering school.  Children that enter Kindergarten with previous classroom experience are more likely to keep up with the learning pace that awaits them.  The development of social maturity should not be overlooked either,  Pre-K further prepares them by exposing them to behavioral expectations in the classroom."

Children must be four years old by December 1, 2011 in order to be eligible for Pre-Kindergarten. All children must be toilet-trained prior to entry.  Children need not be present to register.

Please call 845-563-KIDS (5437) to speak directly to a representative in the Registration Office.

Visit for more information.