Learn How to Start a Business at Orange County Chamber of Commerce

Publish date September 2012, check with the chamber for offer availability

As a member of Orange County Chamber of Commerce I can personally attest to the fact that the Chamber relationship is mutually beneficial for several reasons.  After 5 years of breakfast meetings, serving on the Young Professionals Committee and networking at after-hours mixers I learned so much about myself and how to do business that I actually found the ground to start my own company.

You're looking at it.

Happy Hudson Valley was kick-started by the Entrepreneurial Assistance Program that the Orange County Chamber provides. The 10-week intensive course is a very strong program for anyone who is thinking about starting a business, and a great refresher course for any business owner already in practice.  It worked for me.

Graduating from EAP 11/11

The course is partially funded by a grant from the Empire State Development enabling the Orange County Chamber to provide the EAP class two times yearly for $597. This cost covers the entire 10 week course and includes additional support hours and services.

Early Registration by September 12, 2012 - $399

Cynthia of Croll Productive Synergy Teaches the EAP Class

Course outline includes class discovery of the following:

  • The easiest, fastest way to start a business
  • How to choose the best legal entity for your business
  • The systems you must incorporate in order to grow a successful business
  • A simple test to see if you have what it takes to start and grow your own business
  • How to choose a profitable business if you don’t currently know what you want to start
  • The 5 step process to start any business
  • How to create a business plan
  • How to get money for your business (start up, or existing businesses)
  • How to reduce liability for your business
  • What lenders are looking for when loaning money
  • Creative ways to fund your business’ start up
  • Creative ways to fund your business’ growth
  • How to choose the perfect location for your business
  • How to research your competition
  • How to research your prospective market
  • How to create an organizational chart for your business
  • How to identify your weaknesses before they affect your business
  • How to identify opportunity within your market before your competitors do
  • How to form your business to legally minimize your tax liability
  • The tools necessary to organize and keep records for your business
  • How to create a marketing plan to grow your business
  • How to use the Internet to attract customers
  • How to design a web site for your business
  • How to register a domain name for your business
  • Advanced marketing strategies not currently used by most of your competitors
  • …and much more!

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo launched a state wide campaign in June to show the nation why New York is the place for business to grow, thrive and expand - calling it the NewNY.

"The New New York Works For Business" launch followed a recent report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that placed New York among the Top 10 states for growth, productivity and livability. New York jumped 11 spots from its previous ranking. This study was based on the state's ability to boost exports, foster innovation, provide business with certainty, have reasonable taxes, insist on excellence in education, and prioritize infrastructure in order to create jobs and economic growth.* The EAP course is taught by business owners who bring real world experience to the classroom and encourage that no question be unasked. Upon graduation of the course, students with completed business plans will be introduced to local lending institutions as well as representatives from SBA backed loan programs.

Classes are held at the Orange County Chamber of Commerce in Montgomery, NY. on Monday and Wednesday  6pm - 9pm

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