Local Author Writes to Chronicle the Miracle of Love

I met Douglas Winslow Cooper at an open mic night. His face reads with a contentedness that a certain amount of trial, error and finally success have allowed for. Caring for his beloved wife Tina has become a full-time job for the retired physicist. Tina lives with the onset of quadriplegia due to Multiple Sclerosis. Doug, a Hudson Valley native shifted gears from science to English when he started writing the history of his life - chronicling the details of the love story he and Tina shared and the trials of her illness. He seems to have done it for her, a running theme of dedication to the woman he loves and has always loved. But, his upbringing and late-in-life residency in the Hudson Valley will bring the story home for local readers. The couple who met at Cornell University in 1963 had their young love torn apart by the affliction of cultural differences. But, they were finally married—each for the second time—on June 2, 1984.  It was one month after Tina divorced her first husband. Their wedding rings are inscribed most geniunely with the words, "A dream come true." Tina's health has been in decline for the length of their marriage - Doug spends his time caring for her round-the-clock at their home near Lake Osiris on Walden, NY. He frequently journals the occurrences of his day-to-day and even published the life story of he and his wife in a book he called, Ting and I: A Memoir of Love, Courage and Devotion a sharing of their love story - available in paperback. (See below). And now, an excerpt from his blog :


by Douglas Winslow Cooper

 In love for nearly half a century, married more than a quarter-century, we lay next to each other in her bed that night, beside her life-support equipment.

 My beloved wife Tina Su Cooper asked me, “Will we be together through eternity?”  Yes. If heaven is in store for us, we will be there together. Otherwise, we will lie side by side. Our graves will share a headstone that says, at the bottom, ‘together forever.’ If I go first, don’t hurry to join me. If you go first, I won’t hurry, either. There will be an eternity through which to remain united.” “Good.” “Dearest Ting, thank you for loving me and for being someone worthy of my devotion.” “Thank you, too.” “Our love is something like a work of art, and we are collaborators in its creation. It is not as tangible as a picture or a sculpture or even a book. It is more like beautiful music, and in that way it can endure forever.” “I like that: beautiful music, a duet.”

Portrait by Mike Jaroszko

  Douglas Winslow Cooper, Ph.D., a retired environmental physicist, lives in southern New York State with his beloved wife, Tina Su Cooper, a former editor at the Encyclopedia Britannica and mother of two. Tina was first diagnosed with MS in 1981 at the age of 37, and she has been quadriplegic and ventilator-dependent at home for almost eight years. Tina is the central figure in Dr. Cooper’s book, Ting and I: A Memoir of Love, Courage, and Devotion, available from Amazon. Barnes and Noble, or their website, tingandi.com.