Local Children’s Author to Launch Book Series

MILTON, N.Y.  Children’s book author Jodi Bulson Lobdell, in collaboration with Abbott Press, will launch the first book in her new series, The Toddler Room, on August 16, 2013 from 5:00pm – 8:00pm at Dubois Farms, 209 Perkinsville Road, Highland, NY. 

In the first book in the series, Arrival, Bulson Lobdell depicts the story of a young boy’s journey to daycare. 3 year-old David is apprehensive about saying goodbye to his father when he arrives at school one morning, but he is greeted by Miss Jodi.  Miss Jodi is a kind and concerning teacher who welcomes David with open arms, immediately calming his fears. Arrival encourages readers to have a positive outlook on leaving young children in the care of individuals who are not in the parent role.      

This book and series to come will serve as a guide to preparing parents and children for the daycare experience. Daycare providers will utilize The Toddler Room during time for structured reading to facilitate discussion amongst children in the classroom. The series will also be used as a teaching tool for training new daycare/preschool employees and assisting students studying early childhood development in higher education. The series is a suitable read for any individual who works in a setting with young children such as babysitters and Kindergarten teachers. Coloring books will be created to accompany each book in the series. 

“The Toddler Room is unique because it walks a parent and child through the events that occur over the span of one school day. Each event is outlined in a separate book,” says Bulson Lobdell. “At the end of each book, I include a childcare tip that is based on my years of experience working with children.” 
Arrival is the first book that Bulson Lobdell has ever written. She is a Group Family Day Care owner and instructor who has noticed a trend: it is very common for both parents to work outside the home so many families make provisional childcare arrangements. Her series addresses concerns that both the child and parent face. The next book in her series, Free Play, is expected to hit bookshelves as early as Christmas 2013.

Bulson Lobdell was born and raised in a rural town in Ulster County, New York. She is wife to David of 30 years and mother to five children and grandmother to three children. She received an Associate’s Degree in Elementary Education from Dutchess Community College and owns and operates a Group Family Day Care in her home. Prior to owning her own daycare, she worked in a nursery school and babysat from age 13. Bulson Lobdell was inspired to write from the situations that she encountered while growing up with her six siblings.