Local Painter Strives to fill Negative Space with Cooperative Dreams

Will Teran is shy about his Ecuadorian ancestry. It shows up repetitively in his work, though. The รก - which he has dropped from the pronunciation of his name as an attempt at redefinition pokes through his paintings - often. Innate reflections of flavorful familiar ties. The contemplative artist is pulling apart layers of his 10' tall paintings on Main St. in Beacon for me. (below)

The pieces are part of a mural beautification project sponsored by DGAF Gallery (yes, that stands for Don't Give a F^*%) last month. Teran's work is on display at the gallery on Beacon's east end. Gallery owner and photography power-couple V'nessa Tzavellas and Catello Somma are heavily invested in the Hudson Valley arts community and emphatic fans of Teran's mindlessly thoughtful work.


Their gallery itself is expressive - walls plastered with various local artworks with great use of floor-to-ceiling space containing pieces of mixed-media work  - everything from Tony Witek's scrap metal skull pieces to iron worker Domenico Belli's moonlight sculptures.


One wall reflects artist collaborative works - conjunctive representations of stylistic combinations that reveal cooperative alliance. This has become Will's focus. The Newburgh artist has his sights set on bridging the gap between community artists. He is aligned with Mill Street Loft Multi-Cultural Center - out of Poughkeepsie and has woven himself deep into the fabric of downtown Newburgh as a Liberty St. regular.  His recent appearances in the annual Windows on Main St. exhibition in Beacon have created a symbiotic trifecta that has allowed a self-realization for the struggling artist who is looking for a place to work and live out of while opening the door to local projects in co-op fashion.

He's calling it Negative Spaces Artist Initiative, and he will kick off his vision with a party this weekend.

Consider this your official invite.

Saturday, June 30th DGAF will throw a huge party DJ'ed by Far East (6 - 10pm). With Beacon's Riverfest.org in full swing that same day from noon to dusk - it should make Beacon the place to be this Saturday. The mission is carting those visitors from the water front to the East End. The hosts are hopeful - parties at DGAF usually draw a few hundred people from the local scene. And, the weekend is packed with reasons to show up - across the street from DGAF the Beacon Theatre is debuting a play called "Reasons to Be Pretty" at 8 PM ($15) and the Coffee Shoppe two doors down will feature the Dreambats Band late night. Will will make a rare appearance front-and-center at the party Saturday to walk admirers through his pieces - a role he is reluctant to play. (Classic -artist-wants-you-to-interpret-piece-for-yourself reaction). But, this night is bigger than him.

So, if you're into art, music, Beacon, bridging the gap between Newburgh and Beacon, Riverfest, Main St. escapades, DJ Far East, Coffee, a night at the theater or songs by Dreambats - find yourself in Beacon on Saturday night. Plan to shake hands with Will and discover his play on words/bad luck and complications/frenzy and energy encrypted/self fulfilling prophecy lifestyle on canvas. His reflective pieces will be on sale $25 - $2,000 - proceeds will benefit the Negative Space Artist Initiative and the artist directly.