Love is Love is Love... Full Citizen-Rights Celebration

Mayor Jason West,  LGBTQ, various media and Happy Hudson Valley were there to hear some encouraging words and share in a celebration of love with over 100 community members.

Arm in Arm for Gay Rights

June 25, 2011—Peace Park, New Paltz, NY A late afternoon sun is casting shadows on a crowd of over 100 people in Peace Park, 7 years after Jason West controversially and illegally married 24 gay couples. The rally was called together as a last minute celebration in light of Friday's determination. The passing of the same sex marriage bill for New York state brought many long-awaiting couples to tears . The decision was a win among ralliers hoping for legal recognition of spousal benefits and the right to legally marry.  Saturday was deemed 'Full Citizenship Day' by LGBTQ President, Ted Hayes. Mayor West went on the record saying, "There's nobody who can look in to the faces of their sons and daughters and say, 'You shouldn't have the same rights as everyone else.'" The Hudson Valley chapter of LGBTQ is over 1,500 members strong and a grand opening is planned for their community center in the fall. You can visit their website at