Make Room in Your Wallet for Vinny the Coupon Guy

Move over Extreme Couponing, Vinny the Coupon Guy is our very own Hudson Valley Couponing Expert! We hand selected Vinny to be your guide to all things thrifty and we are thrilled to bring him on as a Happy Hudson Valley contributor.

Me and My beautiful Wife. My wife loves couponing, too!

Dear Readers, My name is Vinny. I work and play in the beautiful Hudson Valley. I have two jobs. There is not enough time in the day and money in my wallet. Too many cities and small towns with stores scattered throughout means you have no excuse to not find a deal right for you. I have hit stores in three counties to maximize my stopping needs- all in a single day. I use coupons compulsively. YOU should use a coupon whenever you can. Full price will happen less often if you are patient. There are always new promotions and coupons available weekly. Trust me, I can't keep up with all of them, but it's okay. I realize that the sale will happen again or a similar product will be on sale the following week.

My Coupon Bounty

Remember, as exciting as it is to only pay a nickel for a $70 purchase at the grocery store, you will have to invest time researching and planning your shopping trip before you can reach that level of couponing. I have saved countless times over 90% of the total price. Stick with me!

Just For You Chenzo's Coupon Choice: On specially marked packages of Kelloggs Cereal, there are $5 worth of coupons on the inside of the boxes. It's called the "Great Days" booklet. Expires 3/31/12 Best Deal of the Week: This week at ShopRite purchase $25 on select Kraft and Nabisco products on one transaction and receive $20 in catalinas- (money off future purchases). You can use coupons and bring the total down. Limit 1 per Price Plus Card

Hot Tip: Always Carry Around the Store Savings Card. Use the same Phone Number to Register It Each Time - They Can Always Reference that Phone Number If You Forget Your Card. This has been a Contribution by Vincent Simone

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