Manhattan Talent Seeks Hudson Valley Art Gallery

"Even at our worst..."

Jennifer Young frequents the Chelsea area of Manhattan, moonlighting in her apartment with traces of oil based paint on her arms. She stares at the stretched acrylic-primed-canvas in a showdown that lasts for hours. Choosing her technique and plotting her angles she tackles the blank stare of her adversary – an opponent she has come to know well, an occasion she has secretly adored since the teenage years of her Long Island upbringing.

"not the same"

At night’s end strings of dawn lifting into her apartment, a story emerges from brush strokes. Her realist paintings feature women in ‘narrative environments with autobiographical elements’.  Her serial process involves self-reflection followed by interpretive direction. She resurrects a memory and reconstructs the emotion into a metropolitan scene graced with the vulnerability of femininity. She photographs her actresses hundreds of times in their careful settings from a sleu of creative angles. She then paints directly from the photograph.

"Take My Chances Detail"

I work from my photographs because of my love for the medium and my desire to show detail and realism in my paintings.  I have always felt that the camera is the closest thing to allowing the viewer to see what I see through my eyes.  However, what the eye sees and what the photograph captures is limited.  Unlike the camera, the mind has the ability to filter and focus on specific aspects of the picture. 

"DO What You Love"

Her artwork may reflects a love for the inner workings of NYC but her tattoos tell a different story. This intense artist is also a fun-loving punk rocker with bleach blonde hair and a vibrant smile. Lyrics from The Bouncing Souls on her wrist remind her “Do what you Love, Love what you Do”.

 I never tell people what my paintings are about because I want them to decide for themselves. As long as they feel some emotion that’s what I’m trying to accomplish.

Jennifer's Paintings are up for the world to see at Her work will be featured this November in a collection of works being published by Russel Simmons in time for the Winter Holiday.

The Painting is a Secret Until the Book is Published!

 You can see some of Jennifer's sketches on her facebook fan page—also a great way to get in touch with her.  Jennifer's paintings have just been offered as prints if you're an artwork lover on a budget.  She often frequents the Hudson Valley on the weekends - loving the sites and the sounds of the area. She would also love the opportunity to display her works locally. She can be reached via e-mail at : Jen titles her artwork purposefully. Names like, "I'm convinced wondering 'what if' is the worst things there is" and "I'm so tired of picking myself up off the ground" are very telling into her source of inspiration. Which of Jennifer's paintings speaks to you?

Article by Stefanie Pearl Original Artwork by Jennifer Young