The Many Flavorful Reasons to Stop By 'Rita's' in Vails Gate

It wasn't just the parking lot lined with people on a chilly March day that got our attention. It may have been the big red and green sign, though! In fact, the branding, the mission and the product all fall into our list categorically as 'something to talk about'. Shiela Patel has owned the Vails Gate 'Ritas' store for 9 years. She discovered the Mango ice while visiting her brother in PA - and fell in love!

I think it says it right in the name - happiness. I opened up on march 1st the temp was like 32º but it didn't matter! As soon as they (the kids) saw the sign light up, their faces did too.

The product list is a delight for any palette and most (if not all) dietary concerns - avoiding sugar? Try sugar-free Italian Ice. Dairy Free? the home-made Italian Ice is a great choice. Hot day? Try Gelati - it's a great frozen custard and ice combo. If you're like me and you love sweet things, try the Blendini - it's old fashion custard mixed with traditional flavored ice. The combinations are endless when you mix-in toppings like Oreos and 'Nilla Wafers, Snickers and Reeses Pieces.

Mixed Berry Blendini - Strawberry Custard w Mango Ice Cream n 'Nilla wafers - YUM!

And, if you've never been to Ritas before let me just mention that there's nothing run-of-the-mill about their flavors! You'll love sampling Cotton Candy, Pina Colada, Iced Hot Chocolate, Florida Orange and my personal favorite - Red Velvet Cake cream ice!

"Share Your Happiness" is the message that Rita's in Vails Gate commonly adheres to.

A long list of incentives await you, like this sweet rewards card - Earn Rewards towards a Free Ice

Check out Ritas Sweet rewards Card

 Last, but not least - our favorite Ritas ritual : The Calendar!!

April 11th - Wild Black Cherry Wednesday : Buy One Get One Free (Lg)

April 14 - Little League Opening Day - Free Kids Ice for Kids in Uniform

April 16 - Mint Chip Monday : Buy One Get One Free Lg).

Stop by Rita's for a copy of the monthly calendar where you can get more details on these and other events. Rita's Vails Gate is independently owned and operated - coupons will be honored from other Rita's stores as well. You can check Val-Pak and Marketplace for coupons.