Mermaid Rescue

Michael currently resides in Gardiner, New York.  He pulls inspiration from films, music and those clashes with reality that he soldiered through as a younger version of himself. Artistically, he primarily works in acrylics - creating wood panels that explore graphic themes using heavy contrast and two-dimensionality. He has recently delved into the world of digital painting which has given him the opportunity to create intricate, complex pieces on an epic scale. He also enjoys pen and ink illustrations and freelances as an animator, illustrator and graphic-designer. Michael is currently enrolled in SUNY New Paltz where he is working toward his BFA degree. He hopes to eventually release a graphic novel of his own. Most recent works include a comic strip entitled “It’s All Uphill”.

Original Cartoon Concept and Art by Michael Oppenheimer

You can find Michael on the web at and

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