Middletown is Home to Mac-N-Cheese Baked with Flare and Served with Love

Few things are more comforting than Macaroni and Cheese. Not the dinosaur shaped pasta in a box with powdery yellow #5 that looks like it was mined in a gold rush Mac and Cheese. I mean savory - deep dish - three cheese - crispy crumbs on top – home baked – fresh out of the oven goodness. Good news, Hudson Valley. This innovative concept dining experience is yours to be had!

“Mix N Mac” opened in October on 211 East in Middletown to a buzzing public, raving yelp reviews and coverage in the regional paper. Owners Michele and Jason Whipland, could not be happier. The D.I.Y husband and wife team are taking their decades of combined restaurant experience (Michele –front of house/Jason back-of-house) and making it work in their brand-new original concept space. Oh, yeah and that mouth-watering cheese smorgasbord can be yours today for the average price < $10.

At the center of the Mix N Mac Universe is cheese… the restaurant currently goes through 300lbs of it a week! American * Cheddar * Fontina * Pepperjack (from scratch) * Swiss * Gorgonzola * Mozzarella * * Parmesan are a few of the varieties that get worked into the Mac n Cheese dishes, the Max N Cheese Balls, and Melts.

Some of the varieties you'll find on the menu: American Cheddar Mac and Cheese : traditional American cheese blend for the first timer. ($6) Next up, the Cheeseburger Mac- caramelized onion, roasted tomato, pickle and ground beef for the adventurer. ($7) Then, A Veggie Mac for the health conscious is mixed with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and mozzarella. ($7)

Portions are a generous 2lbs ~ of freshly combined ingredients. Jason’s chef experience shines through the specialty dishes which feature delectable sauces that vary from Cabernet wine reduction to Parmesan cheese sauce. Each order is made from scratch, so be patient while you wait for the conveyor belt oven to put the final crisp on the crumbly topping. Gluten Free and Whole Wheat options are also available ($1). It is recommended that you call ahead if that is your preference because of the segregated cooking process that takes place in order to accommodate allergies and illnesses associated with gluten.  Did we mention we topped it all off with this unbelievable secret recipe fried ice cream? Yea.

You'll love Mix N Mac from first bite to last, Jason and Michele are wonderful and welcoming and looking forward to your visit.
Mix N Mac - 280 Route 211 East / Middletown, NY/ 10940/ Phone : 845-381-5536
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