Monroe-Woodbury Art Students Paint the Town Dead

High school artists traded their pencils for paintbrushes in the Village of Monroe business district. Business owners gave their storefronts up to the celebrational cause of Halloween. The town is buzzing with pride for their talented students and possibly even a little frightened by the apparitions. Mayor Purcell  wants to know if you have taken a walk through the Village downtown yet to see the windows. If you haven't, you should.  The kids really did a great job—main street has been transformed into a macabre wonderland.

The concept was initiated by Mike Littier, a local business owner and a member of the Mayor’s Activities Committee. 

 The mission of the Activities Committee is to enhance the community by making the downtown more beautiful and organizing community events.


 Mike, remembering that the students used to paint the windows in years past thought it would be fun to try it again. 

High school students from the Monroe-Woodbury Art Department devoted their time over a two-day period to decorate store fronts. 

 The project took about 12 hours to do in addition to many more hours of planning and preparation.

The Village community is loving the hard work of their students, they urge you to come see for yourself! 

Happy Hudson Valley is excited to see this talent on display, what a great example of the community being imaginative and bring the schools, businesses and government into alignment.

I'm sure we all can agree that we are lucky to have such talented students in our community. Congratulations to all involved for bringing the spirit of Halloween to main street.