Monster Bash at Dutchess Stadium is a Big Hit with Families Still in the Dark

Over 1,000 trick-or-treaters arrived at Dutchess Stadium on Halloween to take part in Rascal's 2nd Annual Monster Bash. The Renegades staff was there to welcome families with a smile and usher in kids eager for some fun. A costume promenade and candy smorgasbord awaited kids from all over the Hudson Valley.


Carmel apples and ballpark franks were in abundance and parents enjoyed watching their goblins and ghouls jump around in bouncy houses provided by Jumpin Jakes.

Mario and Luigi

Mario and Luigi used star-power to fill their Halloween pumpkins.

Parsephony colors outside the lines at the Safe Harbors table.

The promenade was lined with kid-friendly vendors and the festivities were a great alternative to holiday cancellations for Hudson Valley residents who are still without power.

Harry Potter arrived sans wand on sabbatical from Hogwarts, finding our American customs quite exciting!

Cashius, Nadia and Naomi arrived from Poughquag, NY to partake in the celebration.

George Ruger from the American Chemical Society was in the spirit - he put on some colorful demonstrations for the kids.

Hailey and Elena came from Modena with Toto in tow. They loved the make-your-own-candy-apple station.

Special thanks to T.E.G. Federal Credit Union (front cover photo) for sponsoring the Monster Bash and providing a safe place for kids to trick-or-treat.

Congratulations to the Hudson Valley Renegades - 'GADES WIN MILBY AWARD FOR 2012 TEAM OF THE YEAR!!!!! Fans pick with the highest percentage of votes!