Neighborhood Coffee Houses are Better: 2Alices in Cornwall

Editor's note: 2Alices is a lovely find of a coffee shop in Cornwall-on-Hudson. Back in July we cited them in our "Deal" section for their day-old-muffin policy. Yesterday's muffins are just $1.50.  Breakfast-on-a-budget makes us happy. The loungey space is wi-fi accessible with huge storefront glass windows where sippers can gaze. 2Alices is also becoming well known for their Friday night events. This Friday, December 23rd they're having a "Festivus" party".  (Seinfeld lovers, unite!)  Their wine, beer and cappuccino selections are accompanied by daily quiche options, fresh organic oatmeal and sandwich selections. 2Alices comes highly recommended for morning rush, ladies-who-lunch, business meetings and I-need-a-coffee break afternoon lulls.

Original publish date : July 28th, 2011

Did You Know that some Corporate Coffee Houses (Which Shall Not be Named) Actually Throw Out Their Bakery Items Every Night?! What a Waste! That's Why We Love 2 Alice's Innovative Approach to Day-Old Muffins! Why Neighborhood Coffee Houses are Better Reason 141: Muffins at a Discount!