Newburgh is Throwing a Party and Everyone is Invited

Have you heard of the broken window theory? It's the idea that keeping up with little fixes in areas of distress can send a message of promise for future. Adamantly warding off minor offenses should, in turn, procure a safer community in a larger sense. Paul Ernenwein, father of two young girls, and partner at a local law firm believes in the theory. And he believes there is hope - in Newburgh. 

Hand in hand with nearly 30 other committed volunteers and the leadership of Mayor Judy Kennedy a festival has been in the works that aims to put Newburgh back on the map. As if making a plea: come see what we're really about. 

On June 20th, 2015 the City of Newburgh will host its third annual Newburgh Illuminated Festival. The all-day and free to the public festival will shine a spotlight on one of the most diverse communities in the Hudson Valley by showcasing its food, music, art, and history. Thousands of attendees are expected to fill Broadway and Liberty street in downtown historic Newburgh, overlooking the majestic Hudson River and George Washington's Headquarters.

There will also be a special place at the festival for young visitors. There will be outdoor craft projects and bouncy houses where playtime will be an all-day affair. Expect carnival games, jewelry making, ring toss, bean bag toss and horseshoe competition. Plus, rowing demonstrations and instruction by Newburgh Rowing Club, rock sculptures, giant Jenga ® and more! 

Acting Police Chief Daniel C. Cameron said auxiliary police and Orange County Sheriff’s department will be in place to ensure public safety and help with road closures.  He seemed to favor the new downtown location of the festival at Broadway’s east end as a community-friendly location saying, “It's within walking distance for a lot of people."

This year the festival will feature multiple internationally known headliner performers. Newburgh native Saul Williams will be performing hip hop and poetry, Grammy winner Corey Glover (Living Colour) and The Slim Kings from Brooklyn will perform along with dozens of local bands and performers on four stages from noon to midnight. There is no charge to festival goers for musical performances.

Reggae, rock, soul and funk as well as metal, gospel, punk and hip hop bands are part of a 12-hour line-up. Major donations by Groundworks and United Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Plumbing and Heating are helping to keep the show free to the public.

Decora, Hudson Valley poet, will perform at the festival and has contributed heavily to the production of the festival as a member of the music committee. He said, “Newburgh Illuminated is going to be a success because there’s nothing more important than an idea whose time has come.”

Williams’ return to Newburgh is a highly anticipated one. He is fresh from a stint on the Tupac Shakur Broadway interpreted “Holler if Ya Hear Me.” 

Rich Fracasse, musician and city business owner and major festival contributor said "I strongly believe that if we can attract some outsiders to the area they'll see the major improvements that are taking place. As a local businessman and resident of the Newburgh area I want to see Newburgh like it used to be. I think we're on our way.”

See the Full LIST of PERFORMERS AND performance times below:

Attn:Dfct (11 p.m. - Midnight) // Electronic Dance    

The Big TakeOver (1:15 -2:00) // Reggae

Billy Badd and Base Camp (5:45-6:30) // R&B

The Black Dirt Bandits (11:30-12:15) // Country

Breakneck Annie (12:00-12:45) // Traditional Folk

Chuck Davis (5:00-5:45) // Classical Harp Guitar

Corey Dandridge and SALT (6:15-7:00) Gospel Soul

* Corey Glover (8:45-9:30) // Soul / Rock (HEADLINER)

Dan Stokes (2:30-3:15)  // Acoustic

Dead Empires (7:30-8:15) // Instrumental Loud Metal

Decora (5:00-5:45) // Hip Hop

Doctor Magkneetow Medicine Show  (12:15 – 1:00) // Classic Rock

Dylan Doyle Band (3:45-4:30)  // Blues Rock

Entropy (8:15-9:00) // Hardcore

Five of the Eyes (4:30-5:15) // Fusion Rock

Freaky Baby Daddies (5:00 – 5:45) // Surfer Rock

The Funk Junkies (7:30 – 8:15) // Funk

Gaura Vani (9:00 – 9:45) // Indian Dance

Gregory Charlemagne (7:30 – 8:15) // Jazz Singer Songwriter

Gyre (9:30-10:15) // Metal

The Hunting Party (8:45-9:30) // Party Rock

The Juggernauts (2:30-3:15) // Indian Dance

Kidaudra (1:30-2:15) // Electronic

Les Bicyclettes Blanches (2:00-2:45) // French Garage Psychedelic Rock

Martyr Art (3:15-4:00) // Alternative Metal

Max Scialdone (12:00 – 12:45) // Acoustic Alt. Rock

Mayor Judy Kennedy (4:00-4:30)

Michelle Sangalli (3:45-4:30) // Pop

M.T. Heads (7:00 -7:45) // Acoustic Rock

Nate Sanders (12:45-1:30) // Pop Rock

Nick Sumner (3:15 – 4:00) Acoustic Singer Songwriter

Perfect Thyroid (10:15-11:00) // Funk Ska Punk

The Slim Kings (6:15-7:00) // Blues Rock

* Saul Williams (10:00-10:45) // Deaf Poet Jam Fusion Rock HEADLINER

Talking Machine (6:15-7:00) // Acoustic Rock

100andZero (1:15-2:00) // Punk for the full list of performers.

A Celebration of Colors will take place simultaneously with yoga all day. A motorcycle ride is also scheduled.