NFA Graduate Makes the 5 O'Clock News

I'm standing at the hostess stand scouting out a quiet corner in the restaurant when Bobby Welber walks in to Double-O Grill. He's friendly and ready to relax after a strenuous day in the editing room.  By sheer luck I’ve caught him on the rare occasion of a PM shift break. This time most days he’s standing at-the -ready on the Cablevision studio floor.  If you live in Dutchess or Ulster counties you may have seen him at 5PM delivering a pop-culture referential broadcast- feature in sports. (that was a mouthful)!  At 27 years old, Bobby is focused and driven in unassuming ways.  A graduate of nearby Newburgh Free Academy and a varsity baseball player he has always had his hand in the game. But, he's not the overbearing personality you might expect from an on-air journalist.  His interest in sports broadcasting started young—he got an ear for it while playng video games as a kid and his interest grew from there. He got his first break as the sports anchor for PSTV at Plattsburgh State while earning a BA in broadcast journalism.  He went on to become the "Number 1" intern for Cablevision and landed a freelance position with them in Northern, New Jersey.  There he began to explore his talents and develop a strong on-air personality.  He worked diligently on camera and off, lending himself to editing and directing whenever possible.  He became an indispensable part of the Cablevision team and was recruited back to the area at the first sign of an opening. His broadcasts are lively with pop culture references strewn about them  (Lil’ Wayne and Jersey Shore inferences among his favorites).  He quickly states that his quips are his own and he monitors them carefully so as not to disengage his audience; but, it’s actually quite the opposite. His style  – while potentially sarcastic – is lined with a hint of hilarity that blends with a broadly executed conversational tone that even a non-sports fan will appreciate. The live-tape content that airs nightly incorporates  on-location footage which requires editing and narration.  Bobby has a hand in all of this. True to his roots, Bobby sites his favorite teams as being the Yankees, the Nets and the Jets. He tells me his favorite story to cover is high school football (he likes the excitement of the rivalries) and he has ambitious dreams of achieving attention on a national level. For now, he’s happy watching Sports Center and being a major contributor to the local evening news.  Hard work and determination have guided him and he humbly notifies me that he considers himself very lucky. You can catch his broadcast on Cablevision airing nightly beginning at 5PM.