Ohhh, My Funny Valentine!

Happy Valentines Day! Every single thing we found on the internet - by way of video - was either funny and inappropriate or not funny. But, we did manage to come up with a few images that made us LoL!   If you're flying solo today, make sure you take yourself out this evening. Some couple is bound to break up at dinner, and you can help yourself to the residuals!

The Official Ride for Crazy-in-Lovers

 Couples, having spent a lot of time together, often become tuned into the thoughts and needs of one another without having to say anything. The Language of Love   Did you know that Hallmark has contributed almost 4M in influential political contributions on the federal and state level?  hymm.... The Truth about Valentines Day 

Let's Take a Moment to Appreciate the Dramatic Appeal of this Lovely Day

Dramatic Love


Love is Love is Love...that's what we always say. So love yourself, or your kids, or thy neighbor ~ do not feel stifled by the Valentines Day stigma of Love and do not be depressed on Valentines Day! There's enough chocolate for everyone. ;)