Paperless Coupons : What's New and Savvy in Online Shopping

The internet is a dangerous and wonderful place to find money saving tips. Every week Vinny sends you into cyber space to retrieve coupons and deals from sites, each week you send in your finds to Vinny and the HHV staff and so the deals just keep coming!  Another one of his tactics—gouging the local circular—has come in handy.  I even pick up a few extras now that I know coupons are stackable. Vinny has been busy tutoring his clients who are preparing for mid-terms! So, I thought this week we would give your paper-cutted fingers a rest and save you some money on ink.   The deal ideas which I'm about to share with you work entirely through the web. They are paperless, stress-free and wonderfully cutting edge ways to utilize the internet. I can't take credit for any of these handy links, I actually found them in Marie Claire ~ the February edition on shelves now had a laundry list of places trending online that save time and money. Pick up a copy for yourself or link right from here. Best of all : they are all free to use!

Make Dinner Reservations and Save with : Use Savored to make your dining reservations and save 30% off your entire bill (including alcohol). No coupons, no secret codes, guaranteed savings. Save on Dinner Reservations : This handy app streamlines your Twitter feeds and brings you featured deal tweets from your account. That way you don't miss a thing! Online tool to compare prices : : I've been fighting with Sprint over service problems and issues with my phone to no avail! I gave Bill Shrink all of my info and they found better cell phone deals for me based on what I'm already getting. They figured out how to save me $15 a month without having to change the way I use my phone! Free and simple to use. Earn Cash rewards to Travel with NerdWallet

Compare credit card offers. Get the best deals at : You can find low interest credit cards for students, businesses, travel and more. Find cash back incentives and rewards. Free Personal Shopper // Let the web work for you at  : Tell them your favorite designers and they'll work as your personal shopper scouring the Web to find the items you love.  They even send personalized e-mail alerts that feature the latest markdowns, secret promotion codes, and VIP sale events. Fill your Closet with

Utilize the power of mobile marketing with : the keyring app : smart phone app eliminates clutter by digitizing all of your reward codes and loyalty cards! Cards can be added by scanning bar code and can even be shared between family members.


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