Pet Adoptive Parents Have Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Where there once were grey skies, the sun now shines for a pup named Sunshine. The South Carolina rescue was introduced to the possibility of adoption by an organization called GROWL - pet rescue/adoption agency since 2007. You can check out some of their very happy success stories Here. A young couple from the Hudson Valley, Lauren and Neal - of Newburgh, NY, came across some photos of the Terrier mix on Pet Finder and wasted no time filling out the adoption papers.

Our Landlord said we could have a little dog, and Neal started sending me links online. When I saw Sunshine I just felt like 'this is the dog'.

Puppy Love!

Sunshine was a bit malnourished when she met her new parents mid-April, so they wasted no time taking her right to the pet store for some goodies. Now, at a healthy 14 pounds, she's become acclimated to her new home. Both pup and parents are having fun learning the subtleties of being a family. Lauren and Neal are striking a new balance as a couple, working in walks, feedings and play time to their 6am morning routines, and looking forward to kisses when they get home at night.

Neal grew up in a house full of pets living in unusual symmetry- 2 birds, 3 cats and 2 dogs. His parents were committed and responsible pet owners, even adopting a stray named Meadow. When she came under veterinary care sick with cancer, Neal was heartbroken.  Treatments ultimately proved unsuccessful.

Sunshine has been a source of healing for the 28-year-old who grew up with an affinity for the love of man's best friend.

Neal loves this dog - she definitely clings to him, they're like two peas in a pod. She has lots of toys, but she pretty much ignores them. She'd much rather cuddle up with both of us.

Congratulations to the new pet owners!

Lauren, Neal and Sunshine are coming soon to a park near you!