A Piano For Your Thoughts? Vonda Shepard Will Perform SOLO in Woodstock

With over 12 million albums sold, two Golden Globes, two Emmy Awards, two Screen Actor's Guild Awards and Billboard's record breaking television soundtrack sales for her work on "Ally McBeal" - Vonda Shepard glows with the grace of career success. The California native will bring her world renowned smile to the intimate Bearsville Theater in Woodstock, NY on Saturday, May 19th, 2012. Her new album SOLO captures the celebrity of her vocal defiance and the accomplice of adventurous piano arrangements that allow her ethereal spirit to triumph.

Shepard is famous for her deliberate coyest with the familiar lyrics she delivered as a cover-lounge-act on "Ally McBeal". Her 5-year cameo made her a household name with fans of the show during it's run on Fox from 1997 - 2002. ('Searchin' My Soul' is a slice of Americana pie)

Vonda performed weekly at a piano bar frequented by the main characters of the show - occasionally dabbling in conventional dialog. The virtually unknown star was perpetuated to fame in this role, also working behind the scenes producing the music on over 500 songs featuring famous faces including Galdys Knight, Sting, Barry Manilow, Al Green, Chubby Checker and Jon Bon Jovi.

I love the idea of making and releasing my own records exactly the way I envision them, then going on the road, getting the music out there and having a blast doing it all. I have a tremendous amount of energy for music and life.

Pulling imagery from the four corners of the earth, Shepard deliberates the interaction of the human experience in originals like "Don't Cry Ilene", an apparent attempt at comforting a friend in a moment of loss. There was a rainbow over him/he didn't see it from over there/'cause black and white are fine/but I think he's color blind.

The career songstress started making demo's at the impressionable age of 9. Her love for the piano shines through on beautifully arranged cover songs like "You Belong To Me". Her sultry mid-phrase dives entangle effervescently with spellbinding arpeggios. She gives a classy re-inventive quality to songs that have been sung many times and covered many ways.

I work a lot on trying to arrange the songs and put as much feeling and counter melodies into the music. When I play I’m at home, (at the piano). But, I still feel like there’s so much longer to go. The next step is to write another album.

A melodic rendition of Maryland can be heard on SOLO. From the Website: Shepard has continued to produce top-quality indie singer-songwriter material, with releases including Chinatown (2002), Live: A Retrospective (2004), From the Sun (2008) and SOLO (2011). She has also performed with the Indigo Girls and The Funk Brothers and she has shared the stage at music festivals with Sting, The Eurythmics, Santana, and Matchbox 20.  In addition, she opened for Sugarland's summer 2010 and 2011 tours and continues performing at her own domestic and international concerts.

SOLO is Shepard's 8th career album.

She will be signing albums and she is eager to meet Her Hudson Valley fans on Saturday.

8pm door / 9pm show Tickets: $30 General Admission

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Article by Stefanie Pearl Photos Provided