Purple Heart of Gold: A Message to Armed American Forces Past and Present

So, have you visited the Purple Heart museum? I finally stopped by last weekend during the 63rd annual Armed Forces Day. Not only did I get a VIP tour from program director Pete Bedrossian, I got to view a 150 year retrospective on American-fought wars dating from the Civil War all the way to the ongoing war on terror.

The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor tells a story of personal service and sacrifice.

George Washington created the Badge of Military Merit on August 7, 1782 to reward actions of valor. Later this piece of purple fabric and the metal attachment became associated with soldiers wounded in action. To date 187 thousand soldiers are in the archives at the museum, representing approximately 10% of all recipients.

Since there are no officially compiled lists of awardees, the Purple Heart records rely heavily on representation from veterans and relative successors of war veterans. In fact,the mission of the Hall of Honor is largely to collect and share stories.

In 2006 ABC made a short documentary film. In it, Annie G. Fox was named the first women to receive the Purple Heart. Fox served in the Army Nurse Corps during World War II. 1st Lt. Fox worked at Hickam Field, Oahu, Hawaii, and was on duty the morning of December 7, 1941, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. She served her country that day by tending to the soldiers and sailors who were hurt in the bombings.

However, the forthcoming of a relative of another woman wounded in action by the name of Beatrice MacDonald revealed that she was in fact the first woman to receive the Purple Heart for her service during World War I. So, the history and context of the museum are constantly changing that way, creating a space for story telling for visitors nation and worldwide.

The Roll of Honor is a database that can be accessed at its location in New Windsor, NY tandem to the New Windsor Cantonment - the last encampment of the Continental Army at the end of the American Revolution. The exact grounds of the museum commemorate a ceremony held on May 28, 1932 when 138 World War II veterans were awarded Purple Hearts.  www.thepurpleheart.com

The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor
374 Temple Hill Road (Route 300)
Town of New Windsor, NY
(845) 561-1765

7 days a week

We will be first in line to make the most of this holiday and celebrate in the streets (catch us in the lineup of the Newburgh parade Monday) but not without first taking a moment to reflect upon the memoriam that is showcased across the headlining photo.

War upon war upon decade.

'To every life lost and each human being effected by the perils of war across the history of this great nation a resounding THANK YOU!!


With Love, HHV