The Renegades Fight back with a Groundhog's Day Prediction Baseball Fans will Love

Hello, Hudson Valley! It's Groundhog Day!!  Oh wait, that was yesterday. Weird. It's like we're in some kind of twilight zone. (Cue Cher) "They say we're young and we don't know, we won't find out until we  grow......". Yes, on Groundhog's Day that Punky Punksatony Phil saw his shadow and put a 6-week-winter hex on all of us!! Well, I vote for a redo. In fact, I'm insisting on it.

So, here it is. Happy new and improved Groundhogs Day Everyone!! (Cue Sonny Bono) "Well I don't know if all that's true, 'cause you've got me and baby I've got you"..... If you love baseball take advantage of a special offer code that gets mention in the last 30 seconds of this video!  Did you catch the 2-for-1 action on the field ?? If not, you might want to go to the instant replay on that!