The Road to Beacon is Paved with Artists *

James Kelly for Daniel Aubrey Gallery (426 Main St)

Windows on Main St in Beacon : Art Imitating Business

I’ve seen these conceptual art shows before where two mediums come together to imitate one another. Like in May 2011, the Karpeles Museum in Newburgh held a gallery event where flower arrangements were designed in response to corresponding paintings and photographs. The flowers added a quirky aspect to the usual walk-around-and-look-at-pictures-scene and drew a lot of commentary.  It was a nice integration and good exposure for both the artists and the flower shops.   "Windows on Main St" in Beacon is a similar project with an ironic theme where art is imitating business. The project is the length of a town - making it larger than life! The mixed media show creatively lines Main St. in a host of 40+ storefronts. Everyone from Beacon Cycles (176 Main st) to Nichols Hardware (396 Main St) all the way to Manor House Realty (480 Main st) at the end of the road have agreed to participate by featuring an artist work.  Many of the art installments are an artist interpretation (like the floral arrangements) of the storefront they are representing.

Artist website :

 Will Teran interprets The Coffee Shoppe (453 Main st)

Some of the artist displays are cute and fuzzy like Amy C Wilson’s display at : Dream in Plastic (177 Main St).

 Others are directly influencedby the business they represent like at Paper Presence (133 Main St). 

The stationary headquarters in a literal representation by artist Cayla Lockwood.

All artwork is identified by Tags in the window like this one: Blank at Mixture (137 Main st)


The artist known as Blank now also know as cryptic and funny!  But seriously, most of the tags are descriptive of the artists. Tags are one way to find each of the 49 installments. Maps are another. Both are also plastered up around town in windows.  Hand-held maps are available in stores like Bank Sq. Coffeehouse (129 Main st). Some of the installments are large scale (See James Kelly at top of page).  Nicole Ganas transformed a vacant Main St lot into a turn of the century relic! (Her project is locked behind the doors – but you can peek through a key-hole to see what she did )

  Online look at some of the other projects at the official windows on main st site:  Windows on Mainstreet is in it’s 7th year – having doubled participation in 2011 - so if you haven't gone before, this is the year to go!! It is the third year for project manager Melissa Tatge - a local graphic designer and also contributing artist to the project  (photo - below) She has been hard at work on the project since January with curator Hannah Anderson (the Daniel Aubrey Gallery) collecting, assembling, marketing and facilitating the event.  The show is up now until September 10th – hit the pavement in Beacon between now and then and then meet your favorite artists at the closing party on September 10th.

This unique integration of the colorful Beacon business collective with the dynamic artist community it is famous for is an inventive tribute to the power and progress in Beacon and the revitalization of the Hudson Valley.    Melissa and Hannah are looking to start a committee for next year. Contact info for these organized women of vision :  Hannah :   Melissa : Happy Hudson Valley wants to know which artist installment speaks to you?!   Article By " Lolita Sage Pictures : Jason Timberger *The Creative Working Title of this Piece is a metaphor and should not be taken literally, thanks!