Roll Out the Red Carpet for the Premiere of 'Collar' in Middletown Tonight

Here we are just a hop, skip and a 60-mile-jump away from sparkling NYC. How many of us commute daily to the metropolitan mecca to afford property taxes on an acre of land at the end of the Hudson Line, but never stop to factor in the entertainment value of after-hours happenings like Brooklyn film fest and red carpet premieres?

I think I know like one guy.

Forget NYC, the train, the tickets. Be here in the Hudson Valley on Saturday, August 4th as all of that changes when Willy-Gilly Productions presents the Red Carpet Premiere of their independent film Collar at the Paramount Theater in Middletown.

Collar crew prepares for Take-Off

Inspired by the bright lights and red carpet premieres of his acting career in LA - movie director David Patrick Wilson has turned his sights on our beautiful Hudson Valley. The stage and screen veteran was drawn to the Hudson Valley - calling it the best kept secret in America.

Collar stars David Patrick Wilson who also directed the film

Shot entirely on location here, this scintillating police drama will have your heart racing and mind running to keep up. The famous cast list includes Tom Sizemore, Rebecca De Mornay and Richard Roundtree.


Rebecca De Mornay & Tom Sizemore*

We were there at the kick-off party at the Paramount Theater on Friday night. Home town hit makers The Dedication did an hour-long set for a hyped audience even bringing Six Stories Told Lead Vocalist Rilee O'Neill for a rendition of One Direction's "What Makes you Beautiful".


The film was produced by Willy-Gilly Productions, Inc., out of Goshen, NY. The woman owned business is headed by Nan Gill-Wilson - with cast, crew and talent pulled mostly from the area a local premiere not only made sense, it made them excited.

Think : Hollywood on the Hudson.

This is just the beginning for Willy-Gilly, who hope to develop an enterprise in the Hudson Valley to include film - TV - stage - and music including hit movies that will travel the Indie film circuit. They're harboring 50 scripts that they intend to produce at a rate of 3-5 movies a year locally, pulling from what they describe as a 'tremendous wealth of talent' in this region.

Recording Artist Ishan (featured on the Collar Soundtrack) will walk the red carpet

The film industry is a recession wonder - a way to create the most jobs in the shortest amount of time.  According to Wilson, a film with a budget of one million dollars generates apx. 150 jobs. Indie films rotate in a 4,000 theater circuit and captivate with real story lines. Occasionally an indie film hits big - think Blair Witch Project and Juno.

In a search of an 80 year history of the theater no known red carpet premiere turned up. Further research will be needed to determine why this hasn't been done before, but the wait is over - the Red Carpet Premiere of Collar happens tonight!

The celebration begins at 6:30 p.m. with the "Rolling out of the Red Carpet" and the "Pre-Party" and continues with the premiere at 8:00 p.m.

[Paparazzi - ready your Cameras]

the Collar premise :

What would you do if everything you thought you knew about life suddenly turned upside down? That is the situation in which Detective TJ Williams finds himself.

 Tickets - $10 @the door

* Official Press Photo Provided/ All Others taken by Jonathan Valle Photography