'Sandy's Kids' Delivers Post-Hurricane Hope to the Jersey Shore

There has been a generous public display of benevolence in the Hudson Valley in the weeks following Hurricane Sandy.  Literally tons of food, clothing, cleaning supplies and daily necessities have piled up for neighboring communities-in-distress following power-outages and home destruction caused by the massive storm.

The Woodman in the Morning's show on k104 (WSPK of Pamal Broadcasting, LTD) spearheaded a central drop-off location for locally organized donation efforts. The project called Sandy's Kids brought a series of collection points in touch with vehicles for distribution, and thanks to their media blitz tractor trailers began to fill up with items brought in by listeners.

The Morning Show Crew then accompanied the items, personally seeing them arrive at drop-off points in Rockaway Beach early last week. But, they weren't done! We were with them last Friday as they rolled a 48' tractor trailer into Tom's River, NJ and we watched firsthand as the radio station personalities lifted each and every sorted box and handed them over to relief organizers at Church of Grace and Peace distribution center.

For members of k104's morning show the day begins before break of dawn. The show is fun-loving in nature strewn with pop-culture dialogue and engaging caller contests Monday through Friday.  Radio personalities Diva, Blackberry, Woodman, Annie And Bill turn on the charm at 5:30 am every weekday morning. On Friday, November 9th the morning show team left the studio after their morning broadcast and booked it south along with Poppa Snooki from Marlboro Firehouse Company 1 and RMC trucking to bring those generously donated items to the Jersey Shore. Andy (Poppa Snooki) Polizzi reached out to the gov't office of volunteerism to make the out-of-state connection.

Volunteer members of Marlboro Fire House spent hundreds of man hours sorting through bags of donations - organizing them into boxes that were loaded and re-loaded into the trailer. New recruit Dominick Mannese put in some extra hours - accompanying Mike Felicello from RMC trucking down the Garden State Parkway in the 18-wheeler.

RMC trucking, the k104 street team, the morning show crew and Andy (Poppa Snooki) Polizzi arrived to a distressed homebase in Dover Township. There they connected with John H. Lightbody - a 3rd generation fire fighter - and the chief of the Tom’s River Fire Dept. district #1. Out of the 4 stations operating underneath him, three were lost during the storm. Lightbody provided an emergency vehicle escort and stood side-by-side with the crew helping to unload box after box.

Morning show Annie hard at work

The chief and his teams have been sorting through devastation for the last two weeks. 78 mainland structures were condemned, leaving some of the fire fighters homeless. In addition to structural damage there are gas leaks and electrical failures and it's the fire fighters who are on the front lines. They're distributing preventative measures with some help from Home Depot -delivering flashlights and smoke detectors with batteries door-to-door to locals who refuse to leave their homes even after two long weeks without power. Lightbody's spirits have been visibly lifted by the contributions of sponsors and individuals throughout the country. One couple from Savannah, Georgia drove all night just to walk in to the station and ask what they could do to help. Local restaurants, regional emergency services and corporate entities have all joined forces to provide what appears to be a tremendous outpouring of love and support.

Diva is on the case!

Rest assured, Hudson Valley that your time and efforts were well received by neighboring communities and your favorite radio personalities put in a lot of charitable hours to make sure that all of the donations were taken to the doorsteps of the people who need it most.

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