Sarah Fimm's Sparkle Park Shines a Light on Human Rights

Good things often stem from bad things happening. Thank you Jason Russell (KONY 2012) for being the driver of that bus on it's way to addressing human rights issues around the world. Thank you for dropping us all off at bottom of that very steep climb to awareness and reckoning and .. Regardless of whether you accomplish what you've set out to do (in the time you've set out to do it) you have shifted consciousness by bringing this 3rd world country issue to the forefront of American interest. Today we focus on someone in the Hudson Valley who is shining a light on faces in the shadows by sharing her own triumphant spirit through song and sparkle.

Sarah Fimm

Sarah Fimm - a resident musician in Woodstock, NY - has been sorting through the pain of this human rights issues the best way she knows how - through artistic self-expression. Her comprehension of suffering happened in an instant when she was hit by a drunk driver. She spent a year-and-a-half unable to get out of bed - a frustrating turn of events for the twenty-something who had been stashed up in NYC  for most of her young adult life - touring with her band and living off of the music she was becoming known for.

One day, when she was still recovering - a friend stopped over with 50 sd cards saying, 'If you don't do something with music you'll go crazy." So, she started loading the cards with content and initiated a project called Karma Phala. The thumb drives containing pictures, music and a video were distributed to anyone who asked for them at no charge. The only stipulation - reward the gesture by passing it on. Her music went far and wide creating a ripple effect as it traveled the world and when it returned to her it was ringing out with a much different sound. Letters from perfect strangers began coming to her outlining the trials of their day-to-day. Everything from human rights violations to despondency. "Music acted as the bridge between these people...strangers who would tell me their entire life story in a letter..a lot of them have medical problems – pain. I have a very deep sense of what it takes to get things done when you’re dealing with these types of difficulties."

mirrors of near inifinite possibility

So, Fimm - on the road to recovery herself - was now making friends around the world and able to identify a need in them. So, she began introducing them to art as an outlet in order to encourage a sense of healing. Her concept was popular with her new friends and thanks to the vast distribution of cell phones in third world countries, a boy in India was able to make the facebook group. Members have joined from Nepal, Pakistan, Morocco, both European Coasts, Nigeria and countries around the world spanning 7 continents. The emerging creatives are now responding to destitution and human rights violations through artistic expression and great use of social media. The artists works are being collected via Pinterest in a beautiful place called Inspire Art. Check it out : Here Fimm will show her gratitude for their talent when she performs at the Bearsville Theater on Saturday June 30th*. An hour long slide show containing their art pieces will play while she sings with her band. Fimm performs Neil Young's "Don't Let it Bring you Down"

The performance is in celebration of her new acoustic EP, Barn Sessions, which will be available July 10th. Recorded entirely in a barn in the Hudson Valley area, the collection includes acoustic versions of songs from her last full length Near Infinite Possibility and covers of her favorite songs. While you're there check out her Sparkle Park installation art show - 5,000 mirrors hanging from string with solar lights - on display outside of the theater. It was a methodical , time consuming project meant to symbolize the illumnination of human suffering using the distribution of tiny prisms that bounce in a million unpredictable directions. (or whatever you want it to mean).

*A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales are going to SEVA; Wavy Gravy’s foundation working to prevent blindness in underdeveloped communities around the globe and working to build a better future for Native American communities by empowering their leaders and planting seeds for change.   More information about Seva can be found at

Can't make it? You can still get a copy of Sarah's new EP Barn Sessions on July 10th..

Play On!

 *Photos by :Heyrick Chasse Article by : Stefanie Pearl