Schmear Campaign: Sullivan Legislature Hopeful to Host Bagel Festival

This weekend Monticello will flood with visitors from across the country (organizers predict 20,000 up from 12,000 in 2014).  Visitors will arrive for the third annual Bagel Festival in Monticello. Jeff Siegel, President of Spencer Daniels Agency (an event company), started the festival through his involvement with Monticello Business Association - an offshoot of the Sullivan County Chamber.

The festival is Monticello's premiere event drawing visitors from far and wide to Sullivan county for fun and folly for one Sunday in August. Siegel lends a significant amount of time and energy to seeing the festival to fruition each year, and has listed tourism as a top priority of his campaign platform in his run for Legislature in Sullivan County's District 8.

It's not news that Jeff is running - he threw his hat into the ring in early spring - and we don't usually get political as a rule on this site, but with the Bagel Festival around the corner we thought it was worth mentioning that Jeff is the driving force of this cornerstone event in Sullivan county.

Jeff also lent some of his best practices to Newburgh in anticipation of the Newburgh Illuminated Festival and was a valued resource for this year's committee reminding them that a strong group of dedicated individuals would be the key to success.

History of the Bagel Festival:

“Monticello New York , the birthplace of the bagel, and official bagel capital of the world, is becoming known not only for the quaint charm of the town, but for the annual Bagel Festival. The world wide food commodity has become the centerpiece of an annual event in New York’s Catskills, and a piece of the pride and joy of a community."

How did the "Bagel Capital" came to be? The documented relevancy of bagels in Sullivan County is a bit of a stretch—it pertains to the filing of a patent on March 8th for the first bagel machine in Hurleyville—but Jeff emphasizes that with a little effort, a small historical relevancy is all it takes.

Thanks to an incredible marketing effort and strategy, and a history of success, Sunday, August 16th will be another date with destiny for Monticello. Fun-filled schedule of events including bands, bagels and vendors for days -- plus! a Bagel Triathlon.

Don't miss the official welcome at 10:45.

Monticello Bagel Festival: 9:00am - 4:00pm on Sunday, August 16th on Broadway in Monticello.

Official event photos by ND Pro.